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Barfly, Sand Bar, Praa Sands, Cornwall Sunday 18th November 2012

John from Barfly Former session guitarist, John, (RCA, Virgin, Polydor etc.) who has appeared on TV’s Top of The Pops, Pebble Mill, Wogan etc, and backed artists such as Alison Moyet, Jennifer Warnes, Neil Sedaka, Boy Meets Girl etc.

Pictured with his favourite PRS – just one of an impressive arsenal of Fenders and PRSs’. But his first guitar, bought for him at the age of 13, was an Audition – identical to one in my collection!

John and Roger Lane of Barfly John and ex-recording artist Roger Lane (Roger De’Coverly) who now perform as Barfly and are currently lighting up the West Country with some great vocals and magical guitar work (Clapton, Hendrix, Moore, Mark Knopfler, Santana, SRV…and, of course, their own compositions).
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Ron Barrett & Friends, Camborne Conservative Club 5th November 2012

Guy Mackenzie and Ron Barrett
Ron Barrett who with his wife Rosalind, toured throughout the UK in the 1970′s & early 80′s,pictured with Guy Mackenzie on drums who was gigging for the first time in over 25 years! My next gig? Definately with my chiro!
Guy and Ron joined by Charles Clements on banjo
Charles Clements, on banjo, proving that even at 91 (yes Ninety-one!) you’re never too old to do a “guest spot” playing & singing C & W!
Roger Brokenshire and the Band Thanks also go to Roger Brokenshire for some great R ‘n’ R vocals and to Mike Bray playing his “lawsuit” Washburn LP.
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Marty Wilde’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Party, Devon & Cornwall October 2012.

Sally with Roger Newell
Roger Newell, bass guitarist of The Wildcats (pictured with Sally), who toured with Rick Wakeman in the 70′s and famously played the Wal Triple Neck bass – which he could have bought then for £1,000!
Marty Wilde
Marty Wilde (now in his 55th year in showbusiness!) pictured with my Guyatone LG50 (Star EG 80) which is effectively the same instrument as his first electric guitar, an Antoria bought in about 1958 and used till 1960 when he bought a Fender Strat, which is now on display at the O2 Arena, London.
Roger Newell
Roger Newell of The Wildcats pictured with my Single Cutaway Supersound Bass. His verdict? Wait for his report in the online magazine Musicradar!
Roger Newell & Mike Berry
“Now this is what you do…” Is Roger Newell giving Mike Berry some guitar tuition? Surely not! After all Mike Berry bought his first electric, a Fender strat, over 40 years ago!!!
Mike Berry
Mike Berry live on stage with my Guyatone LG50? Oh all right, I admit it, it was during the soundcheck! But who was Guy Mackenzie mistaken for by autograph hunters at the stage door? Why, Mike Berry, of course!
Sally with Nik Lennard and Eddie Allen
The Wildcats keyboardist Nik Lennard and guitarist Eddie Allen, who is also the Fender Corporation’s European Demonstrator and Product Guru, pictured with Sally.

And finally…special mentions must go to Eden Kane, every bit as good as he was in the early 60′s, also to Roxanne Wilde (younger sister of Kim Wilde and daughter of Marty Wilde) who has the star combination of
an amazing voice and a winning smile! And The Wildcats’ Neville Marten (guitarist/guitar journalist/producer) also drummer Neil Robinson (great solo on “Diamonds”!).

Marty Wilde’s Rock ‘n’ roll Party? My verdict – Don’t miss it!

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