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Albert Lee & Hogans Heroes, Falmouth Tuesday 28th May 2013

Albert Lee on Stage
The incomparable Albert Lee live on stage and, of course, still using his Signature Ernie Ball Musicman.
Albert Lee with K C  Johnson
Albert Lee pictured with the very talented multi instrumentalist (and drummer!) K.C. (Cassandra) Johnson.
Brian Hodgson Sally
Sally with Brian Hodgson proving conclusively that some ladies do like bass players!
Albert Lee with Al Rideout and Guy Mackenzie
Cornwall legendary musician (well, try and find a venue he hasn’t played in the last 40 years!) Al Rideout pictured with Albert Lee and Guy Mackenzie after the show.
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Yardbirds, Twickenham 15th March 2013

Jay Tamkin Band
Jay Tamkin Band an excellent support band and all the way from Devon!
Jay Tamkin
Jay Tamkin pictured with Amanda and Iona — for some reason he didn’t want to talk guitars with me
Drummer Jim McCarty
Yardbirds 50th Anninersary concert but Jim McCarty (with a powerful performance) was the only original member to play the entire set although Top Topham and Chris Dreja (among others) did make appearances. But, sadly, no sign of Jimmy, Eric or Jeff…
Ben King
However guitarist Ben King is a great addition to the band and a worthy (& very modest) successor to messrs. Page, Clapton and Beck!
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Michael Schenker, Temple of Rock, Falmouth Tuesday 16th April 2013

Michael Schenker and band
Francis Buchholz (bass) and Herman Rarebell (drums)both ex Scorpions also Wayne Findlay (keyboards and guitar),a pensive (!) Doogie White, vocals and (with a smile for the camera as Sally took the photo!) Michael Schenker.
Michael Schenker
Michael Schenker. A member of his brother’s (Rudi Schenker) band, the Scorpions, is sometimes described as the greatest “unknown” rock guitarist but not by me! Pictured with his black and white Signature Dean V…..
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Weazeldust, Tricky’s, Redruth Friday 12th April 2013

The band Weazeldust in action A garage band with real raw energy featuring Trevor Kemp (guitar), Grant Kellow (bass), Emma Sampson (sax) and my drum mentor D. Stone — don’t miss them!
Trevor Kemp of Weazeldust Trevor Kemp. Singer, songwriter, band leader, guitarist and a Gretsch to die for….
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