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Mo Foster’s Book Launch, Dingwalls, London NW1. Tuesday 13th September 2011 “British Rock Guitar”

Mo, definitely one of the nicest guys in the business, pictured with his immaculate Dallas Tuxedo bass. But why did he give me the job of recording his speech? No pressure, right!

Bill Wyman who told me that he bought his own Dallas Tuxedo bass in 1961 and, after he’d bought his Framus Star bass in 1962, cut down the body and refretted it telling me he’d made the “first fretless bass in the UK”. It is now on display in his “Sticky Fingers” restaurant in Kensington.

Frank Allen, looking every bit the star that he is, with Paul Jones, ex vocalist with Manfred Mann, who is still touring today and looking great too!

Paul Day pictured with Colin Green and his delightful wife Christine. Colin was one of the first ever users of a Burns built guitar (the first Burns Weill?) almost the same as my Burns “Ike Isaacs” which he bought in January 1959 after his aunt had lent him the money to purchase it. But his parents wouldn’t let him play it in the house so he played it in the garden shed!

Keith West (and friend), if you are old enough to remember the 60s who can ever forget “Grocer Jack” officially known as “Excerpt from a Teenage Opera”, and it was great to meet him too – almost 4 years after I bought my Fenton Weill Dualmaster bass of him courtesy of ebay!

Last, but certainly not least, The Rapiers now in their 26th year as a top flight R ‘n’ R band and it was great to speak to John Tuck and hear about his collection of drum kits. But I shouldn’t reveal that the “Gretsch” which he uses on stage is actually a Slingerland!

Who else was there? Chas McDevitt – can it really be over 54 years ago (1957) that he appeared with Nancy Whiskey on the Ed Sullivan show? Barry Gibson – who is still so successfully marketing Burns guitars and,luckily, his wife agreed to “babysit” that night! Jason How of Rotosound – did he know that it was his father’s early association with Jim Burns and Ike Isaacs which resulted in Alan Wooton terminating their agreement to build Supersound and Supersound “Ike Isaacs” guitars in December 1958? Bruce Welch – Of course I asked him if he’d ever heard of Supersound guitars (he hadn’t) but he told me that he couldn’t remember what had happened to either his Vega or Grimshaw guitars after he got his first Fender in 1959.

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