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Guyatone LG-40?

Date: 21st November 2017
Name: John
Number: 316

Hello Guy

I left a message on your YouTube channel (Guitar Files #1 Guyatone LG50) on how I acquired what I think to be a Guyatone LG-40 from a skip in the early 70s.

When I look at the photo on your front page I see the exact same guitar as this one (before the black repaint and the bridge change over). From your message I did note that the fret markers were rectangular and not round. Although they are now missing and need to be renewed you can still see the outlines clearly.

This is the only photo I have seen elsewhere as all of the others I’ve seen are the twin pick-up version. Mine was originally this exact colour with the same white pick guard which has unfortunately been lost over the years.

I enclose some photos that I took today of the parts I have. I am hoping to refurbish it and finish it off to at least a playable standard during this winter as it was last played i the 80s after the bridge was changed over.

I was based in the South East for years but I am now retired and living in South Wales. Would love to pop in and see your collection at some point on my travels


Guy's Response:

Hello John,

Thanks for your message and pictures. Your guitar dates from about 1961/2 and it is a Guyatone LG40 although it may have been branded Star (the Antoria had dot markers). Your guitar has the later headstock – I have added a second video on my LG50 description which has the same headstock as yours.

I think it’s a great find and in reasonably good condition too especially with the parts and the original case. I’m sure you will be able to restore it.

You will be very welcome to come and see my collection if you ever come to Cornwall!

All the best,

Simon Jones Guitarist

Date: 30th March 2017
Name: Lars Mullen
Number: 315

Hi Guy

Me again, Lars here! I know a really good guitarist who’d love to play your guitars – his name is Simon Jones. I don’t know whether you know him but he’s a friend of Paul Day and I’ll send you his contact details if you’d like to contact him.

Flying around as usual!

Catch up soon!

Guy's Response:

Hi Lars,

Yes I met Simon once and would really like to do some guitar videos with him playing my guitars! I’ll contact him as soon as I have his contact details.

All the best and see you soon,

YouTube videos featuring Simon Jones playing Guy’s (and some of his own) guitars:

Futurama ’63 »

Washburn A15 »

Gus Guitar »

Fenton Weill 1962 »

Yamaha SG 60T 1973 »

Crazy Outtakes & Speed Dating! »

Starforce 8007 Super Strat »

Epiphone ET-270T »

Burns Short Scale Deluxe »

Othon Stone Guitar »

Guyatone LG50 c.1961 with Dallas Rangemaster Vibrato »

Hondo Machine Gun Guitar M-16 Rambo »

Blue Moon Guitar

Date: 1st May 2017
Name: Russ Field
Number: 314

Note: Russ Field was the guitarist with Showaddywaddy (until 1985) who played the Blue Moon Guitar in 1980!

Hi Russ,

It was very nice to speak to you today!

Russ Field pictured with the Blue Moon Guitar

Here is the link to my website:- and on the Home page are links to my personal Facebook page, my Guitar Collection Facebook page and my Instagram page – all have pics of the Blue Moon guitar. In addition there is a link to my new You Tube video channel which I set up to feature some of my guitars & basses being played live & interviews – it’s still work in progress! But the channel includes “The Guitar Collection (my appearance) on BBC TV’s Antiques Road Trip” which features the Blue Moon guitar.

You will find the Blue Moon Guitar in the “Galleries” on my website, The “Archive page” and the “Historic Guitars” page where there is also a link to Paul Day’s appearance with the Blue Moon Guitar on BBC TV’s The History of the Guitar.

Lots of other guitars featured too! Have fun and enjoy the motor racing!

All the best,
Guy (Mackenzie)

Russ Field pictured in 2016 with is guitars

Russ’s response:

Dear Guy,

Likewise I very much enjoyed our conversation!

Sorry I was unable to supply you with any further information about the Blue Moon Guitar but as I recall it was only used for promotional purposes with the exception of our own televised ‘Showaddywaddyshow’

Have looked at the various links on your website and there are lots of interesting (and unusual) instruments and interviews to savour!

I noticed on one photo a Burns Artist – my first ‘proper’ guitar was a 1960 Burns Sonic which I sold many years ago but found an identical one on Ebay to replace it.

Some time ago I decided while my memory is still reasonably intact to list all my previous musical instruments over the years but the one I have always regretted selling was my stop-tail early 1960’s Gibson ES345 TDSV which I am determined to replace if the correct model ever comes up for sale.

With best wishes and please call in to see us if you are ever journeying this far North!

With best wishes,

Kris Barras Band

Date: 18th November 2016
Name: Lars Mullen
Number: 313

Hi Guy

I’ve recently met an amazing blues/rock guitarist called Kris Barras – here in Torbay! And, believe it or not ,he’s a cage fighter as well!!

I feel that you should interview him and ask him to play some of his guitars – what do you think?

All the best,

Guy's Response:

Hi Lars,

Thanks for your message. Yes, lets arrange an interview as soon as possible as, judging from his videos, I think he’s amazing and must have an interesting story with the cage fighting!

All the best,

And here is the interview plus Kris playing his Cigarbox guitar:

Blues/rock guitarist Kriss Barras interview »

Kris playing his Cigarbox guitar »

And here is Kris playing Guy’s Gibson Victory:

Kris playing slide guitar on the Gibson Victory »

Unknown Les Paul Style Guitar

Date: 7th November 2016
Name: Paul
Number: 312

Hi There

I notice you have one unknown les paul guitar. Does it happen to be hollow and have metal gold knobs?

What do you know about it as I appear to have one that either myself or my brother has owned for about 40 years or so.


Guy's Response:

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your message. Yes mine is a hollow body with gold knobs and looking at your pictures (click on the thumbnails to see larger versions of the photos) and compared to mine they are identical!

It belonged to a friend of mine who sadly died recently and his family wanted me to have it. It was his favourite guitar of several.

After having done some research, we believe that it was marketed by Bells of Surbiton and dates from around 1970ish. How does this seem to you? I’d anyway like to add our exchange of emails and some pictures to my Guestbook if that’s ok with you?

All the best,

Paul’s Response:

Hi Guy

Yes that’s fine.

I was told by a chap from the States who is a self proclaimed MIJ Guitar expert that it was Teisco gen gakki factory that is not to be confused with Teisco.

I got the Guitar in a sorry state off my brother about 15 years ago as payment for repairing one of his amps. I’d always liked it when I was a kid my brother brought it in about 1975 or 1976 from Andertons in Guildford. It was second hand at the time. I tried to find out about it about 5 years ago on “My Les Paul” forum. One of the posters there thought it was the exact guitar he sold in 1975 to a shop in Horsham.

Mine is stuffed with a white cloth which the chap informed me was Kapok that he had stuffed in there to try to cut down on feed back. It would be interesting to see if yours has this as if not mine is definitely this chaps ex guitar.

My brother was told it was a Suzuki guitar and the chap on the Forum said he was Told it was an Antoria. I remember that my brother undid the wrong screws and dropped the neck pick up inside the body as he was trying to turn it round as it had been fitted back to front during a recent repair.

I am almost certain that at the time under the pick up there was a label. I looked and there is nothing there now it may be somewhere in the body or not. You may be lucky and still have it fitted on yours.

Bells did import a lot of stuff and in the day was one of the places Surrey residents went to buy Musical instruments. Apparently they imported an Organ similar to a Hammond that was branded with their own name. My mate knows quite a lot about them.

What is strange about the guitar other than it being hollow is that it has a Zero fret not much neck angle and a Gibson style head-stock. It’s made more like an acoustic. The hardware which was gold (mines worn silver now) has a tail piece nothing like a gibson and as you say those metal knobs. I always thought the machine heads would be the clue as the pattern is very distinctive. You mentioned Ibanez?

Mine plays really nicely and has a clean jazzy sound. I have declined many good offers to buy it over the years. I had believed up until the other night that it was maybe a sample supplied to someone like Rose Morris as an example of build quality they could expect on their own branded guitars hence why it is hollow demonstrating the factory’s ability to produce both electric and acoustic instruments.

Also being hollow would have been cheaper to ship as there would be no sense in shipping a heavy solid guitar to try to secure an order or contract. However yours is a game changer and points more towards a production model.

The other thing is that the neck is very thin in profile and this is actually very common with guitars made for the far eastern market.

But that’s about it from my knowledge base as it were. Hope that helps and do let me know if you unearth and more info.


YouTube videos

Date: 27th October 2016
Name: David Greenaway
Number: 311

Hi Guy,

I never realised till I saw one of your recent posts on Facebook, that you had basses as well as guitars.

If you’d ever like to do some you tube videos of your basses being played, I’d be up for that! No money involved – just a bit of fun as I’ve never heard or seen some of the early basses you own – let alone played them!

Just let me know either way,
David Greenaway

Guy's Response:

Hi David,

Thank you for your message and offer. Yes I’d really appreciate it if you’d come and play some for me! In fact I’d be really honoured to have a professional who has literally toured all over the world, for many years, come and play my basses – and,just for fun, is a real bonus!

I’ll be in touch very soon!

All the best and thanks for your offer,

This exchange has now resulted in the Bass Files on Youtube:

B.C. Rich Warlock Bass Played by David Greenaway »

Burns Weill Superstreamline 1959 Played by David Greenaway »

Grimshaw Short Scale Played by David Greenaway »

Baldwin (Burns) Vibraslim Bass 1965 Played by David Greenaway »

Hagstrom H8 8 String Bass 1968 Played by David Greenaway »

Burns Flyte and Status Custom Fretless Bass – Jammed Live by Lars Mullen and David Greenaway! »

1963 Framus Star Bass Played by David Greenaway »

1970s Arbiter Bass MIJ Played by David Greenaway »

David Greenaway plays and talks about his Ibanez BTB 1606 6 string bass »

David Greenaway plays and talks about Guy’s 70s Hayman 4040 bass »

David Greenaway plays and talks about his Shergold Marathon Bass »

David Greenaway plays and talks about his Status Fretless Bass »


Date: 27th October 2016
Name: Peter
Number: 310

Dear Guy (if I may),

I write to say what a wonderful collection you have. I was drawn to it by the John Bailey guitar.

My interest in it is that I knew John a bit back in the ‘60s. I was an enthusiastic bluegrass auto harp and guitar picker at the time in Sevenoaks, Kent. I saw the guitar when it was first owned by Andy Townend, the prodigious mandolin/fiddle and guitar picker for whom the guitar was built, and with whom I played Bluegrass for 5 years in a school boy band. We also played some swing and jazz which is what the Bailey guitar was used for as I recall.

Do you ever sell your guitars because I would be interested in this one if you do.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes

Guy's Response:

Dear Peter,

Thank you for your message – it was very interesting to hear from you as you know the guitar. I had some contact with John several years ago which was very interesting – he seemed such a delightful person too.

Re your enquiry as whether I ever sell guitars, the answer is that I don’t and especially with this instrument – it is a one off and, as such, irreplaceable. But maybe one day and I’ll keep you in mind just in case.

Best wishes and please keep in touch.

PS as you probably already know, there is an excellent Wikipedia page on John – under John Bailey Luthier.

Ovation 12 String

Date: 25th September 2016
Name: Donna
Number: 309

Hi Guy

The singer Donna with two vintage electric guitars

This was a country show. On the left Pete Pinkney, and my then husband Steve Bailey. We weren’t a trio although we did get together to do a few country shows.

Pete was a great guitarist who in my opinion was equal to Eric Clapton, and strangely as he grew older looked like him too. Steve Bailey was an excellent performer and writer, having written songs and a rock opera. He now resides near you in Looe in Cornwall. I at a later date did quite a few blues gigs with Pete. He at the moment is living in France. I carried on singing a mix of music. Liking blues I sang in France with the John Morgan Blues Band. Did lots of gigs here and abroad, until losing my voice some years back.

Had a good innings though, happy memories.

PS. Quite. The ovation was a dream guitar for Steve then. He said he didn’t want birthday or Christmas presents for the rest of his life. I think it cost around 400 which was a lot of money then. I wonder where it is now?

Guy's Response:

Hi Donna,

Thank you for sending on the picture and sharing some of your memories! Apart from being an interesting picture of 2 interesting guitars (and a very rare Ovation 12 string) you look fantastic!

Best wishes

Fenton Weil Fibratone

Date: 24th September 2016
Name: Matthew
Number: 308


I wonder if you can help me, I’ve stumbled across the picture of your Fenton Weil Fibratone, I picked up a loaded Fibratone body at a house clearance which I’m hoping to undertake as a project but I can’t find anything about the 335 shaped one other than your photo, I’d love to restore it and find out what else I need, I am fortunate that the body still has all the electrics and Fenton weil pickups still in it, Matthew.

Guy's Response:

Thanks for your message! Great find! Can you send me some pictures and then I’ll have an idea of what you need?


Matthew’s response:

Cheers, I was pretty chuffed, I got this and a second fiber glass 335 body for 36 quid, the second one I have no idea on and its in much worse condition.

Guy’s response:

The body seems in great condition and with the correct pickups, scratchplate and knobs too – what a great find! All you need now is a standard FW neck (which won’t be easy to find although I did see one for sale on a Facebook page either or on one of Bill Lovegrove’s Burns guitars facebook pages – it would be worth joining Bill’s page and sending him a message) also a tailpiece and some Van Ghent open tuners (or closed if you can’t get the open ones).

By the way I’d love to see a picture of the second body you bought. And, if you don’t mind, I’d really appreciate adding your emails and pictures to the Guestbook of my website.

All the best,

PS the missing backplate, you could make yourself out of fibreglass – of course.

Matthew’s response:

Thanks so much, the condition is stunning. Of course I don’t mind you adding the bits least I can do for the help. I have a neck that fits it for the time being.

Here are pictures of the second body I bought! (See the photo gallery.)

2nd body is littered with laquer cracks and the back panel is coming away, my guess is previous owner was trying to get at the holes for the electrics, unusual thing is there are no strap button holes, and I assume the 5 holes are 2 volume 2 tones plus input, but no hole for switch, also worth a not the neck pocket is its own sealed unit, segregated from the rest of the body with holes that don’t go through to the rear. As I say it has a back panel, and the rest seems to be one formed fiber glass unit, my guess is neck and electrics were loaded from the back then the rear fixed on.

Shark Guitar

Date: 4th July 2016
Name: Absolute Music
Number: 307

Hi Guy,

The Shark Guitar - a custom electric guitar in the shape of a shark

In answer to your question about the Shark Guitar on the wall above the till, this is one of a couple of guitars custom built by one of our customers.

It certainly creates a lot of interest but is one of our own collection and, just in case anyone asks, its not for sale!

Best wishes,
Absolute Music, Bournemouth

(Click on the photo to the top right for a larger version of this great guitar.)

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