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Hofner Galaxie Vintage Electric Guitar

Hofner Galaxie

Posted on: 22nd February 2018

This Hofner Galaxie would have been top of the range of guitars by Hofner. Built in Germany in 1963 and cost c.£70 in the UK when new.

Watch this Hofner Galaxie being played at The Guitar Collection YouTube Channel!

Hohner Holborn Classic Electric Guitar

Hohner Holborn

Posted on: 28th March 2017

Built in the UK with Electrics by Fenton Weill and body by the Darkins factory this guitar dates from 1962 and was described at the time as a “solid guitar for the advanced player”. It has now been expertly restored by the Guitar Guru himself…Paul Day!

Antoria 330/335 Copy Vintage Electric Guitar

Antoria 330/335 Copy

Posted on: 28th March 2017

Dating from the early 1970s, built in Japan and imported by J.T.Coppock of Leeds this is a great looking and high quality instrument and rare today especially with single coil pick-ups.

Aria 2010 Gold Rush Electric Guitar

Aria 2010 Gold Rush (World Cup) Guitar

Posted on: 28th March 2017

This Limited Edition guitar is very playable with a standard scale neck and portable too with a built in one watt amp and 10″ speaker. Built with the collaboration of FIFA this compact instrument features a headstock in the shape of a boot and in line tuners tuners to represent the boot’s studs!

Burns Weill Fenton Vintage Electric Guitar

Burns Weill Fenton

Posted on: 28th March 2017

Built during the 1959 partnership of Jim Burns (who built the bodies) and Henry Weill (who provided the electrics) this rare early example, with rosewood fingerboard, was the Burns Weill budget model which retailed for £35. The styling was based on the Guyatone LG50 (which was also branded as Antoria and Star).

Jim Burns interview in 1994 on YouTube

Plus: Henry Weill interview in 1977 on YouTube

Dallas Tuxedo Bass Vintage Electric Bass Guitar

Dallas Tuxedo Bass

Posted on: 28th March 2017

Dating from c.1959/60 and built in the UK by Dallas Arbiter this was the UK’s first “mass produced” electric bass guitar. This was also a first instrument for bass guitar legends like Mo Foster and Bill Wyman (who converted his to “fretless”) and they both still own their Tuxedos…Bill Wyman’s is on display at his “Sticky Fingers” restaurant.

This Dallas Tuxedo Bass features in the following videos at The Guitar Collection YouTube Channel:

David Greenaway plays the Dallas Tuxedo Bass

Plus: See how the Dallas Tuxedo Bass compares to the Burns Weill Super Streamline:


Musima Rellog Vintage Electric Guitar

Musima Rellog

Posted on: 28th March 2017

Dating from possibly as early as 1958, this east German built Musima with Rellog pickups was one of the earliest solid body electric guitars to be offered for sale in the UK. This example has a non standard c.1963 Fenton Weill vibrato tailpiece. One of these guitars was famously used by UK blues legend Alexis Korner!

Baldwin Vibraslim Bass

Baldwin Vibraslim Bass

Posted on: 28th March 2017

In September 1965 Jim Burns & partners sold Ormston Burns to the American Baldwin Piano & Organ Co. for £250,000. This rare Vibraslim is the same as the previous Burns Vibraslim with the controls in the pick guard. It retailed for £133 and, in 1966, was replaced with the “scroll head” version with body mounted controls.

Watch David Greenaway play the Baldwin Vibraslim Bass at The Guitar Collection YouTube Channel!

This bass also stars in the second Bass Wars video! David Greenaway plays Guy’s Baldwin Vibraslim and Grimshaw Short Scale – watch the video to see his verdict:

Watkins Rapier Deluxe Electric Guitar

Watkins Rapier Deluxe

Posted on: 28th March 2017

Watkins Rapier Deluxe. The first Watkins guitars with US style Supro style body and 3 a side headstock, the Rapier Deluxe, were sold in the summer of 1959 (not as stated elsewhere in either 1957/8!) about 6 weeks after the launch of the Dallas Tuxedo. This early second generation example with a Fender style headstock and a serial no. of 80 dates from probably 1960.

Check out Phil Walker playing this Watkins Rapier Deluxe at The Guitar Collection YouTube Channel: