Dallas Guitars

Posted on: 16th February 2015

Hello Mr McKenzie,

Geoff with the Dallas Rangemaster

During one of many scourings of the web, looking for information about guitars which I used to own, or currently own, I came across your very interesting site. It did not actually supply me with the information about Kay guitars for which I was searching BUT, I spotted a picture of a very unusual guitar, and read the accompanying text.

The guitar in question was made by Dallas, back in the early 60s, and I recognised it instantly.

For your reference, the picture and text was dated 18th July 2012, and was supplied by John, and your reference number was 217. I recognised it because, if as you say it was a “One Of”, then I used to own it, and I have an old black and white photograph which was taken in 1964, (or maybe 1965), of me holding it, just before going on to play a gig in the NAAFI at RAF Ballykelly, in Northern Ireland.

I purchased it from Frank Hessy’s in Liverpool sometime in late 1961

The photo is in pretty fair condition considering how long ago it was taken, and the Rangemaster plate and Dallas logo can be seen clearly, as can the location of the tremolo arm.

Kay electric guitar in action

The arm was very basic, being just a length of of chrome plated rod, threaded at one end,(don’t ask what the thread was, certainly not metric), with a black plastic cap on the other end. It was bent as shown in the photo. As far as I can recall it worked quite well and did not effect the tuning too much.

I somehow doubt that the guitar was a one of, but it is a possibility I suppose. I traded it in, part-ex, when I purchased a semi-acoustic Kay (Trutone, I think) in 1964 (or maybe early ’65) from a music shop in the Diamond in the centre of Londonderry. I often used to wish that I had not made the trade, as the Rangemaster was a much better guitar than the Kay, although the guy to whom I eventually sold the Kay, absolutely loved it. I have photo of that one somewhere too.

Anyway, if you or John are interested in this info, and would like to see the pic just get back to me as and when.

Geoff Cheers.