Antoria guitars

Posted on: 20th August 2008

Brilliant collection. Discovered it doing some research on Antoria guitars and found a link to your 994. I had what must have been a 992 (two pickups) in the 1970s and was never able to find anything out about it – this is the only other one I’ve ever seen, except for one on ebay (it went for about £150).
Mine was light blue and had had a Bigsby vibrato fitted, and I think my selector switches were where yours says ANTORIA. It’s more Bison-y shaped than I remember.
I could never get it to sound much good, but maybe that was me, or my amp which was also not much good. Didn’t get on with the very thick neck, though.
A few weeks after I bought it my local shop had a secondhand Vox teardrop for £20, or £5 more than I’d paid for the Antoria (a lot at the time) – if I’d bought that it would be worth about £1000 now. Still, what I’d really like is a Vox White Shadow like yours, except preferably in blue. Really like the shape…

David Fowler