Posted on: 27th October 2012


Very interesting site and gallery which I found while researching Antoria. My first electric in 1972 was a second hand Antoria which I never found out much about but had 2 pick-ups and was therefore a 992 and cost £14.50. Unlike yours it was powder blue and had the pick-up selectors on the other side where yours says “Antoria”. It had been fitted with a Bigsby vibrato which made me think it was an expensive guitar. Don’t remember it being so Bison-y but it was long time ago!

I always struggled to get a good tone out of it but then I didn’t have very good amp either. No longer have it and would like to replace it but until today, when I saw you website, I’d never seen one in 35 years…

I’m also keen to get hold of a Vox White Shadow. I just think the shape is brilliant. As you say ,odd that its red–I’ve actually seen then in white with black hardware which looks quite cool but I’d really like a metallic blue one.

Anyway, as I say, its interesting to see all these unsung guitars..