Blue Sparkle Finish Vintage Guitar

Posted on: 18th January 2007

I received a blue sparkle finish vintage guitar with a tremolo bar, funky rocker style switches and two single coil pickups. It’s coolest trait though is the fret inlays as there are two at every marker location and they come in from the sides. The 12th fret has a single marker in the middle. It has a bound neck and anyway I got it from a friend and wrote in to this site for any info on it as there is nothing to designate a maker.
Wow, within minutes I got my response. Apparently it is a “Norma” made in Japan by a company named “Tombo”. It is a very cool guitar which actually sounds very good and plays well. It is suffering from a lack of attention as it was stored under a bed in a plastic bag with the strings at tension for some 20 to 30 years. The owner said he bought it in 1966 new. Anyone interested in seeing pictures is welcome to e-mail me! Cheers!