Broadway Bass Guitar

Posted on: 19th July 2009

A great website taking me back to my first foray into the world of music in 1962 when I, with friend John Penfold, ventured from the wilderness of Windsor (Berkshire) to Tin Pan Alley and purchased a second-hand (now vintage! but long gone) Broadway Bass Guitar – no case but I was King on the way home on the underground then GWR Paddington to Windsor with the final walk home (out of money). That was my first guitar and it took me into the Slough ‘Blue Notes’ occasional backing for the legendry Chuck Berry and a lifetime of in and out of music. You have restored my interest. BTW I used to work (after school) in Stones of Peascod Street Windsor selling such early guitars as the Hagstrom and others you are showing – such halcyon days. Check out the blogs on InTouchRadio as I bring that history forward. Thank you for such a well documented site – should you need any info let me know.

Michael Dixon ITR-UK & Global