Fenton Weill Amazon or Hohner Apache???

Posted on: 16th February 2015


About 5 years ago, I purchased what I think it an Amazon or Apache from a car boot sale for £20.

The guitar is pretty shot to bits, it plays however the wiring could be re-done, the person who owned it in the past, drilled the input jack into the base of the body rather than up front on the scratch plate and obviously the Fenton Weill labels and brand name have all but gone.

The scratch plate is purple?? Having seen the red variety online, I was wondering if this purple version was stock, it seems to look as though it came with the guitar.

I would love to get this guitar back to some sort of authenticity, despite the drilled input jack at the bottom of the guitar….. do you know where I can start??


Further information from Paul:

Hi Guy,

Amazon 444 electric guitar

Please see to the right a picture of said guitar.

The thing that bugs me the most, is the fact the name section is missing, it’s mostly an annoyance as we don’t know which model this guitar is, but also, I bet its impossible to find one of those things.

The wiring is a bit ropey, and I think the pick-ups could do with some new soldering… it does play though.

Obviously it’d also need to be professionally set-up.

I do have two of the three original tone/volume switches, however replaced them with these three switches which were originally from my Vox bass.

I’ve picked up some true bargains living in Sussex, believe it or not, had more “beat” bands than Liverpool, sadly however the Bognor Beat didn’t seem to have the same ring to it as Mersey Beat and most of the bands didn’t really get anywhere with the exception of say five groups who actually managed to get a record deal, the truth is however there were hundreds of beat and instrumental groups in the south coast and thus, cool guitars used to be easy to find at car-boot sales and guitar shops which just wanted to get rid of the things, its probably much different now, however, I have a keen eye for old guitars and thankfully managed to get a few before people became aware in the mid 2000s.

I got a Hagstrom Futurama 2 in really good nick for £70, I love that guitar, I’d love to find a bass version however know I’d never get it for anywhere near £70.