Fenton Weill Dualtone

Posted on: 6th November 2012

Morning Guy

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I’m getting ready to move for the 15th time and I was surveying all my worldly goods that I can’t be without. It was only last year I found out that my dear old first electric guitar was a Dallas branded Fenton Weill Dualtone, in fact I do apologize if it was you that informed me through a guitar site.

I read your piece on the gallery today and I still can’t believe that they were made in 1962 because that was only four years before I bought when I was fourteen. It seemed so worn already and yet I’ve been playing it on and off from its original condition for the last 45 years!!!!

When I move and release some cash, should I have it restored? What’s your opinion? I kind of think I should leave it forever the same with all the memories, but it would be nice if the E’s wouldn’t slip off the frets!

Thanks for your site it’s great to see all the guitars.

Kind regards,