Fenton Weill Mono tone

Posted on: 2nd October 2012

Hi Guy

I couldn’t resist any longer, so I gently popped the FW apart.

Indeed she was routed for two . . . why the neck pickup hole has had further work done I’m not really sure. The puzzling bit is that the scratchplate looks pretty original to me (complete with bevelled edge), despite the component changes, and the amended bridge and tailpiece. No sign of the standard FW tailpiece ever being fitted either though? The pocket behind the bridge might suggest that there was once a string retainer there, but that area is under the scratchplate?

Ho hum, but she plays and sounds lovely despite the DIY.

The frets looks quite wide, but some of the tangs are under the neck varnish. Pickup puts out 6.56 on my meter. It’s much tidier in there than inside the Burns-Weill I have to say, the body routing in that has to be seen to be believed!