Fenton Weill question from the Pacific Northwest…

Posted on: 9th September 2012

Fenton Weill Twistmaster Guitar Close up of the Head

Hi Guy

Greetings from Seattle!

Please forgive the unsolicited attachment! Got this beautiful instrument from the original owner, who apparently purchased it in London in the early 60s while he was in the Army stationed in the UK.

I’m having a difficult time finding any information (other than the obvious…erm…Fenton Weill, London….)… I was curious, given the breadth of your gorgeous Anglocentric guitar collection, if you could tell me ANYTHING about it?

I am aware of the Weill/Burns history – just haven’t found another photo of a comparable guitar. I have to say the SOUND of this instrument is spectacular! Quiet pickups (like a humbucker) and a sweet bold tone. PLUS the previous owner says that these are the ORIGINAL strings!

ANY guidance would be greatly appreciated!