Futurama Coronado Automatic

Posted on: 4th October 2006

Hi, Just stumbled across your site and immediatly saw the futurama coronado automatic. That pic reminded me of mine when i first bought it around 15 years ago (Really nice condition)! Unfortunatly mine has been gigged and played so much that it is fairly battered now but i would never part with it. I have seen a couple of them go for sale recently and been really tempted to get another. Maybe i will.

All the best


Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 07-Oct-06, 11:41 am, GMT +1

Thanks for your message. It was good to hear from another Futurama Coronado owner! Thanks also for sending me pictures of the old lady (and, of course, your other guitars) – she’s obviously very well loved but definitely shows her “battle scars”!!
I enjoyed looking at the Rebel Radio site and listening to your audio link. As you say…a fusion of indie/rock guitars…and an interesting and alternative style. All in all a great mix and I can’t wait to see “Rebel Radio” live.
Regards Guy.