Guitar Collections

Posted on: 9th July 2012

Hi Guy

I just wanted to say how much pleasure your article in Guitar and Bass gave me. TREMENDOUS. I have read it and re read it so many times. Like you I came up right from the 60s and simply love guitars and all the sounds with a passion. I have played in bands since I was 14!! Better not tell you my age!!!

All the guitars mentioned : Dallas Tuxedo, Guyatone LG50, Burns Vibra Artiste – I had all of these and of course your pics brought back so many many images and memories. I have so many stories of guitars I have had (though not as many as you!!) and unfortunately sold on to get the next classic. The very first demonstration BURNS MARVIN which i bought from the Burns Showroom in London and was subsequently signed by my (still) heroes- THE SHADOWS!

Will I could go on and on and on but I dont wish to bore you Guy!!! However two guitars I must tell you about. I still have my 44 yr old Gibson J200 custom which came from Mannys in New York and has such a glorious tone and is very special to me. It is in wonderful condition as I treasure it . (It has of course been lovingly played all these years) Recently I had a wonderful little job done on it as the scratchplate had just slid down the front slightly and was off position. It was re positioned and checked over by Bruce Welch’s guitar tech Mick Johnson from Reading who did a WONDERFUL job.

The other is my precious Hofner Club 60. I love this guitar. I played it when I was 17 first then it was traded in at Norman Hacketts of Reading ( where I first gasped in amazement at a Fender Stratocaster )!. Then after about 30 years in a wonderful and mysterious way it surface again and I was able to buy it AGAIN.! This is so special to me.

Well I dont wish to sound crazy – but I think you will understand and I know share this love of the greatest instrument. Hoping perhaps one day that our paths will cross.

With kindest regards
Rock on
Richard S.
ps . I too have a collection which I treasure ; though not as large as yours!!!!!