Hofner 172

Posted on: 28th October 2014

Hofner 172 vintage electric guitar.

Hello Guy

I was interested to find your website after seeing you on “Antiques Road Trip” and it turns out that I have the exact same model Hofner 172 as in your collection with original fake snakeskin case.

I bought it in 1972, when I was 18 but have not used in for many years. I recently dragged it out of my garage after being inspired by your program plus a visit to the Gibson factory in Memphis (60th birthday trip).

I’m currently having the pickups rewound by Alan Exley, a Hofner expert in Redditch, and then I plan to sell it on to buy an Epiphone Acoustic/ Electric (as I can’t afford a full Gibson).

I hope you find the attached picture of interest. You have an amazing collection, good luck with your future plans for gigs.

Best Regards