Marvellous Collection

Posted on: 24th September 2006

Hi Guy,
I’ve just had time to look at your marvellous collection in detail (apart from the ones I already know) and I think they are wonderful.
Keep up the good work and if you need help or advice at any time, just call.
I’ve taken your advice on having my own website. It will be up and running soon,

Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 26-Sep-06, 12:47 pm, GMT +1

I was so pleased to know that you’ve decided to have your own website built and by those great people at Pema – they’ve certainly done a wonderful job for me!! I’m looking forward to exchanging links with you as soon as it’s finished.
Also its good that you are willing to share your exciting collection of guitars with the world. Not forgetting the guitars you have hand built yourself and I’m just pleased to have the very first Simons ES 121 serial no 00001 in my collection!
Thank you also for all the repairs you have carried out for me – without your help and advice, my collection be not be what it is today! Apart from that, anyone who has gigged with Eric Clapton, as you have done, must be OK with me!
I’ll see you again very soon.
Regards, Guy.