New Website

Posted on: 11th April 2006

Me again, I thought I would check out the website again because I understand you have purchased a couple of new guitars. Can’t see them on your site just yet? But if you can let me know when they’re on I need to let a few people know.

Brilliant website.
Amanda xxx

Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 11-Apr-06, 9:02 pm, GMT +1

Thank you for your messages. You are quite correct, another 2 guitars (and more to come!) will be added to my collection soon – a Vox Shadow and a Grimshaw bass both from the 1960’s.
I also wanted to congratulate you on the success you have had with your running and for completing your latest run (16 miles!!) in such good time!
Congratulations too on your involvement in Battersea Power Station but I also know what a great organisation they are to be involved with.
I’m looking forward to seeing you soon,
With all my love Dad XXX