Post 217 – Dallas Rangemaster

Posted on: 16th February 2015

Hello Guy

I was very interested in the post number 217 from 2012 regarding a Dallas Range master guitar.

I also have one of these. I believe that it was bought for me in 1960 by my Grandmother. She died shortly afterwards so, whilst the guitar was superseded by better and more expensive instruments, I have kept it all these years until just before Christmas my Son secretly took it Nigel’s guitar workshop in North Yorkshire and Nigel made it playable. (One of the best presents I’ve had.)

My one is a bit more battered and used than the one in the earlier post having been constantly gigged for over three years. It’s base colour is the same cherry red as the other but mine fades to gold sparkle in the middle around the pickups. It is my understanding that it was bought brand new from a small music shop in Bruce Grove, Tottenham, North London.

When I have a little more time I’ll take and send you a photo along with the serial number on the back of the head and any other info I can find. Like you and the other owner I believed this to be unique. Clearly not and I am now even more interested to find out more.

Hope you find this interesting.
All the best,