Rare sighting of USO (Unidentified Supersound Object)

Posted on: 9th September 2012

Rory Blackwell

Hi Guy

(More information on Supersound Guitars can be found at the Supersound website.)

Apologies for using an old email to convey a new subject, but I wanted to ensure it arrived okay and I’m not sure which of your seemingly many email addresses is currently functioning!

So, what do you think of this six-string being earnestly strummed by one of the members of Rory Blackwell & The Blackjacks, way back in 1959. The more I peruse the pic, the harder it is to work out just what there is on board a very familiar – looking chassis, but that scratchplate is a dead giveaway for a start. I look forward to hearing your comments, so give me a ring when it’s convenient.

All the best,
Paul Day.