Starforce 8007

Posted on: 12th July 2006

Hi, I wanna know if still is possible to get some more information about Starforce 8007 guitar. And if it’s possible to buy these model still, even used and oldie. Thank for any information. Claudio Marcelo Villarroel Mariani from Argentina

Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 16-Jul-06, 10:56 am, GMT +1

Thank you for your message – it was great to hear from someone from the other side of the world!
The Starforce guitar in my collection, which dates from 1990, is the actual guitar featured in the “Ultimate Guitar Book” and was included because it was one of Korea’s first attempts (and a successful one) at manufacturing a high quality “superstrat” type guitar. However it was not a commercial success probably because, at that time, Korea was not recognised as a country that built top quality instruments – it was aimed almost at the PRS market. Consequently few were made however, occasionally they do appear for sale but I haven’t seen one for some time. Maybe your message in my guest book might help to discover one.
My best advice is to keep looking but if I hear of one, I will mail you.
Regards, Guy