Starforce Guitars

Posted on: 27th June 2007

Hey there, great website!

I am looking for some more info on starforce guitars. If anyone has any info, i would appreciate an email or postback!

“Instruments previously produced in Korea. Initially exported by Tropical Music of Miami, Florida prior to their purchase of the Dean company.

The Starforce company was started in 1988. These medium quality solid body guitars feature designs based on the original Stratocaster, as well as the superstrat. With the introduction of models such as the 8007 with its more original body design, and several bass guitar models, Starforce seeks to expand its market niche, but apparantly isn´t producing any guitars at this moment, (Source: Tony Bacon, The Ultimate Guitar Book ).”

“”Tropical Music of Miami is now Tropical Music Export Enterprises, Inc. ( and still located in Miami. Their manager who said to the best of his knowledge there were four models produced; the 8000, 8002, 8004 and 8007. All of which (that he could remember) had solid maple bodies and necks. The company only serves Central America, South America, the Caribbean, & the B.W.I. so these guitars were never directly sold in the U.S.. Tropical music has not had a contract with Starforce for quite a few years and they dont have any records from that far back.”” (Found on a forum someplace)