Supersound Vibrato unit

Posted on: 10th September 2012

Hi Guy!

As a long-time late-night admired of your collection and website, I thought I should write and ask if you could offer any advice regarding a vibrato unit which I recently bought on ebay and I’ve never seen one before… it looks to be a completed unit (missing the bridge) of the Wooton-designed Supersound vibrato for guitar (for which blue-print drawings from August 1960 appear online on the Supersound website).

I bought it because I’m currently trying to assemble the parts to build a fantasy ‘New Old Stock’ Burns-Weill RP2G Super Streamline, and intended to use this unit in the build… I have a Roger-built body and neck (I am certain circumstantially that Roger were briefly supplying woodwork to H Weill after Burns departed, but before the design was refined and went 6-a-side on the headstock), and plan to flesh it out with era-correct suitable parts and some modern Adeson Classic Brit Pickups…

I guess you’ve seen the speculations about the Roger/Weill connection here?

Incidentally, has anyone to your knowledge ever seen a true Burns-Weill RP2G guitar? Basses, yes – several, but the six-stringers? I’ve only seen the photo in Per Gjorde’s book, which has ‘burns’ clipped from the badge… clearly indicating that it was made post-Jim Burns’ involvement…

Have you any reference photos of Super Streamlines which might help me on my way?

Kind Regards, and thanks for sharing all you have online!


Jon Free