Vox Phantom XII

Posted on: 21st August 2006

Hey Guy! enjoy your site,,, I’m the one you contacted from ebay with the story on the old Vox Phantom XII. I picked this up from a fellow I worked with for $50, perfect condition, black w white pickguard, perfect original case. I was going thru a phase that I was buying guitars, stripping them and refinishing them mixing and matching parts etc, trying to “create” my own. I was a teenager, stupidstupidstupidstupid. Yep, stripped it down to bare wood and pretty much ruined it. I posted this on ebay and you wouldn’t believe the emails I’m getting with similar stories around the world, guys doing the same things with valuable guitars,,, all when they were in their teens. in my case, nearly 35 years ago. Wish I had this one back. I ALMOST did this to a 1963 Hummingbird,,,, not sure why I didn’t now, but some sort of alarm must have gone off in my head. It has become the sweetest guitar I’ve ever heard, still a dear friend I’m glad I didn’t screw around with and ruin.

Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 23-Aug-06, 9:19 am, GMT +1

Thank you for posting your story in my guestbook – as you say, lots of people round the world will relate to it as they did the same! It’s also stories like this that help to make a site like mine interesting – so this is an invitation to anyone with a similar story to post it on my site . . . .
Best wishes for a successful sale of your Vox Phantom X11 and, despite the alterations you made all those years ago, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the selling price you’ll achieve on ebay.
However I was glad to hear that the ’63 Gibson Hummingbird survived intact!
Best wishes,