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The Searchers

Date: 4th May 2007
Name: Frank Allen
Number: 69

As the bassist with the Searchers for 43 years my great passion is guitars and after meeting Guy at one of our shows I checked out the site and was thrilled. I just love those quirky old instruments that might not be the finest or best to play but which are so iconic of my youth. It`s easy to love an old Gibson or a Fender but in the days when all we could get were Hofners and Framus just owning a guitar no matter how good or bad was something special. Like Guy I too have a lot of these fun pieces in my own collection which, by the way, was also the subject of a Guitar & Bass magazine feature. All the best from me to guitar lovers everywhere.

Egmond collector

Date: 22nd April 2007
Name: wim markenhof
Number: 68

Hallo Guy,
That’s a lot of nice info you give on this beatiful website. As an Egmond collector I am very happy with the egmonds and Rosetti you show. Did you know Gary Moore also played a Rosetti?? The Lucky Squire.

Fenton Weill Amzon

Date: 14th April 2007
Name: Jeff
Number: 67

Thanks Guy, your site and your knowledge of vintage guitars is a credit to you. The advice and informatoin regarding the Fenton Weill Amzon project that I am undertaking has been invauable due to the fact that you are the only person I have found on the net with any knowledge of these rare guitars. Can you or anybody else tell me what pickups were origionally used or a similar modern equivalent?

Thanks again


Wonderful Site

Date: 31st March 2007
Name: Wayne
Number: 66

What a wonderful site, so many great photos from when budget guitars meant more than just another copy Strat/Tele/LP ….and such a great story of a life in music.

All the best and look after those beautiful instruments,

Take Care, Wayne

Washburn A15

Date: 23rd March 2007
Name: Dan
Number: 65

Washburn A15 for sale on Ebay…

Great site! love the pics… Cant belive you have an A15 like mine.

Unusual Collection

Date: 21st March 2007
Name: P Gilmore
Number: 64

very unusual collection. We don’t see makes like that in great abundance here. Best part of the site is the pix from the past.They point out the bond we all have as players is universal. Makes me want to drag out mine.Thanks

Vox Stroller

Date: 17th March 2007
Name: Matthew James
Number: 63


Thank you for your help with my Vox Stroller.

Great collection and a great website.


Clynol Christmas Party

Date: 14th March 2007
Name: Martin Kennedy-Bell
Number: 62


What a great website.

Is that really you in the photo of the Clynol Christmas Party 1975?

All the best , Martin.

A15 Washburn Explorer

Date: 8th March 2007
Name: the night the master falls over
Number: 61

Wow! what a fabulous and inspiring collection. I can’t believe you have a a15 washburn explorer. I always wanted one. To e-bay!


Date: 6th March 2007
Name: Bill Trench
Number: 60

Hello. I recently aquired this marvelous ’68 Phantom-22. I believe it was badged as a Teisco, with the later style rectangular badge, as I can faintly see the ” ghost” of the original. It may have also been badged as a Kimberly, or a Heit Deluxe. Any info would be appreciated, and I’d really like to procure a correct badge. .

Also, if anyone would like to see pics of the rest of my meager collection of guitars,predominately Teisco-made , feel free to e-mail
Pic of Phantom at :…
Thanks, Bill

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