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Very Impressed

Date: 12th December 2006
Name: Shelley Clayton
Number: 49

very impressed, especially the clothes!!
look good Guy

Regular Guitars

Date: 12th December 2006
Name: Colin Mather
Number: 48

A friend of mine forwarded me a link to your site. it’s great to see such a collection especially as it includes “regular guitars” (ie not just the mega-expensive examples!) such as the lovely old Broadway. There are many examples of guitars that launched people playing such as the Satellite and the Kay as well, and next to the “regular” classics such as the Gibson Flying-Vee. Great site, great work – thanks for putting it on the internet and sharing it with us all!

1964 Futurama Guitar

Date: 9th December 2006
Name: John Aziz
Number: 47

Thank you so much for your information regarding my 1964 Futurama Guitar.
Keep up trhe good work

Lorna Blues

Date: 6th December 2006
Name: Lorna Wilhelm
Number: 46

Hello Guy,

Thank you for signing my guestbook. Great to hear from another lover of the BLUES!!!

Best Wishes to you and have a GREAT 2007!!!


Rowe Industries

Date: 4th December 2006
Name: Guy Mackenzie
Number: 45


Thank you so much for your message. As soon as I received it I contacted The Guitar Guru, Paul Day, (the Fender Book, the Burns Book, the Ultimate Guitar Book etc etc) for his opinion and I can do no better than reproduce his reply here:-

“Rowe Industries never made guitars, but produced De Armond pickups, as fitted to many US instruments. If you unscrew the pickup you will find Rowe Industries stamped on the underside, along with a date of manufacture. De Armonds were of course fitted to Harmony guitars and your six-string is indeed from this Chicago maker.

It’s actually an H14 model, from the company’s Silhouette series, no relation to Music Man of course and quite a few years earlier! It came in a shaded walnut finish, so yours has had a respray, hence the absence of the Harmony logo on the headstock. This was the cheapest example in the line and was also offered with a vibrato (the H14V), along with three other Silhouettes, the H15/H15V, H17 and H19.

This obviously Fender-influenced series is advertised as new in the 1965 Harmony catalogue, appearing alongside the Les Paul-like Stratotone range. This was the last appearance of the latter, so the Silhouettes were obviously intended as successors, reflecting a general swing from Gibson to Fender styling around that time.

In the 1969 catalogue, the Silhouette title is dropped in favour of new model names. The H14/H14V and H15/H15V become Bob Kats (note spelling and spacing!), now joined by the H16 Colour Kat, while the H17 and H19 are dropped.

By 1973 this solid six-string line comprises the H616, H617 and H618, all with twin pickups and vibratos. In 1974 the H19 makes a surprise return, revamped to become the H619, and this was just about the last gasp from the US Harmony company, before it finally succumbed to ever-increasing competition from the Far East. Sorry to go on so, but I thought I’d provide the complete chronology of this particular solid shape. You know me, why say one word when a 1000 will do!

Dependent on the date stamped on that pickup, yours could be an H14 Silhouette (1965-68) or Bob Kat (1969-??). You mention an exact date of Feb 15th 1965, which sounds like someone has taken it from the pickup, so yours IS an H14 Silhouette, from the first year of issue and retailing back then for $64.95. Welcome to the Silhouette Owners Club!”

So that settles the matter – it is a Harmony Silhouette H14 and, as you say, that DeArmond pick-up it has a great, great sound. The guitar feels good and has a nice action too!

Regards and thanks for your help !

Rowe Industries – Bobcat?

Date: 4th December 2006
Name: Ian Crueller
Number: 44

Hello–just a note:
I’m fairly certain your “Rowe Industries” solidbody is in fact a refinished Harmony Bobcat. The pickup was indeed made by Rowe Industries but not the guitar itself–Rowe supplied pickups to many makers, like Gretsch in the 1950’s.

There’s a very similar guitar to yours for sale here:…

My friend owns one of these and it has a great, great sound…


Burns Mirage

Date: 4th December 2006
Name: terrydobson
Number: 43

Hi Guy
I’m glad you like the Burns Mirage you purchased from me on behalf of Colin Routh of BLACK LACE fame.. fantastic collection you have and i hope you continue to add further,,

Terry Dobson (drums black lace)

Lorna Blues

Date: 4th December 2006
Name: Lorna Wilhelm
Number: 42

Howdy Guy!

Guess that’s a proper Texas hello, ha.
Thanks for visiting and signing the guestbook. You’ve got a great collection of guitars.

Ya’ll wiggle waggle down now!

The Pirates

Date: 27th November 2006
Name: Amanda Mackenzie
Number: 41

Thank you so much for taking us to see The Pirates – they were brilliant! They were both happy to pose with us – even after doing their gig. They were so nice. Fantastic music and we danced all night.

Thanks! When’s the next one…….

Obscure Lefties

Date: 23rd November 2006
Name: Nigel
Number: 40

A lovely website -great to see some familiar old cheapies and other unusual stuff. I’m collecting obscure lefties – hard to come by! If you see any…

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