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Date: 16th November 2009
Name: twangCORP
Number: 199

Superb site, Guy, a true labour of love. Glad we found it!

twangCORP always carries a small but regular stock of ex-private collection guitars for sale online, which invariably tends towards the more unusual. At the time of writing this we have a superb (and rare) Teisco May Queen ’99 (deluxe MIJ) reissue.

Zenon ZES-70

Date: 10th November 2009
Name: Zach
Number: 198

I have a question. I recently obtained a Zenon ZES-70 and i was wondering if it was worth anything at all? It is in good condition and really fun to play.


Date: 6th November 2009
Name: Christopher Skipp
Number: 197


New website

Date: 2nd November 2009
Name: Andy Spencer
Number: 196

Hi fellow guitar collectors. We have a new website selling a small catalogue of collectable guitars from the USA and Japan. Please feel free to tell us what you think of the website, good and bad?, we are always looking to improve and evolve. Keep twanging!



Really wonderful collection

Date: 29th October 2009
Name: Jonathan Runting
Number: 195

Great site and a really wonderful collection that I keep coming back to. I have about 15 myself and of a similar era so really useful. All the best and look forward to seeing the collection grow. Jonathan

Fenton Weill De-Luxe

Date: 28th October 2009
Name: Graham Robison
Number: 194

Hi Folks,
I have a Fenton Weill De-Luxe which I bought on H.P. @ 50 shilling a week in 63 and stilll going strong. I have allways wondered of the value of it. Can anyone help?
Graham (Robbie) Robinson

Dallas Tuxedo

Date: 24th September 2009
Name: Chris Jenks
Number: 193

hello i’ve got a dallas tuxedo the same as the 1 on page 8 on galleries was wonderin if anyone would like to tell me what they think it might be worth cheers email me chris

Watkins Guitars

Date: 23rd September 2009
Name: Pete Jessop
Number: 192

Hi great site, had a few of these old guitar’s wish i still had them today. I used to make the old watkins guitars back in the 60’s/70’s at Chertsey with Charlie and Syd. Many thanks, Pete Jessop.


Date: 19th September 2009
Name: Andrew Thompson
Number: 191

Hi guys – Like the sight.

What also impresses is that your women seem to understand too this guys and guitars thing.

Used to own a splitsonic that I acquired for peanuts back in the 70’s.

Unfortunately I let it slip through my fingers in a moment of madness for peanuts also. I have more sense now and am actively seeking a replacement.In the meantime I still cherish my ’64 Epiphone Casino. I also own a rather nice American series Bad Boy Blue limited run deluxe Strat, a cheap and cheerful but very well made Korean Telecaster (nocaster), Burns Brian May special, Vintage Icon series PGM Les Paul, PRS SE Soapbar & finally another Korean made Ovation. Keep pluckin’ !

Brilliant site

Date: 11th August 2009
Name: Noel Gee
Number: 190

What a brilliant site. Exceptionally informative and an absolute gift of marvellous photos of bygone mastery of the electric guitar. I shall spend some time in study of this very very interesting site. Thankyou.

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