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Jim Burns

Date: 4th August 2009
Name: Darren Bond
Number: 189

Nice collection and a trip down memory lane to a few of my first ‘finger slicing’ guitars! My dad new Jim Burns in the late 50’s / early 60’s in Sunderland, Tyne & Wear and he gave my dad and the other guitarist (who were both in a band called the Dynatones) a couple of his guitars for free but they went on the purchase the first Fender Stratocasters in the North East from Windows in Newcastle (Fiesta Red of course!) I got the guitar bug also and have acquired a few Strats of my own.

Very interesting site – thanks!

Marlin Masterclass

Date: 2nd August 2009
Name: David
Number: 188

I bought a Marlin Masterclass identical to the one in your collection about 15 years ago in a junk shop for £20. It was missing bit and pieces so I had to spend about £50 getting it put right at a music store. I was a bit gutted at the time spending so much on an unknown brand but the action was so sweet I kept it. I haven’t played it for a while and was looking to sell it. Didn’t realise till I looked at your site that it was a collectors piece!

Great site and great collection by the way.

Thanks David K

Superb Collection

Date: 27th July 2009
Name: Pete Kliskey
Number: 187

Superb collection… time & money both well spent.

Broadway Bass Guitar

Date: 19th July 2009
Name: K.Michael Dixon
Number: 186

A great website taking me back to my first foray into the world of music in 1962 when I, with friend John Penfold, ventured from the wilderness of Windsor (Berkshire) to Tin Pan Alley and purchased a second-hand (now vintage! but long gone) Broadway Bass Guitar – no case but I was King on the way home on the underground then GWR Paddington to Windsor with the final walk home (out of money). That was my first guitar and it took me into the Slough ‘Blue Notes’ occasional backing for the legendry Chuck Berry and a lifetime of in and out of music. You have restored my interest. BTW I used to work (after school) in Stones of Peascod Street Windsor selling such early guitars as the Hagstrom and others you are showing – such halcyon days. Check out the blogs on InTouchRadio as I bring that history forward. Thank you for such a well documented site – should you need any info let me know.

Michael Dixon ITR-UK & Global

Solid archive information

Date: 17th July 2009
Name: Dick Clarke
Number: 185

great website…solid archive information and quality images…good luck.

Superb collection

Date: 15th July 2009
Name: Rak Patel
Number: 184

Superb collection.
Great website.
Could spend hours on here – and Guy is really interested in hearing from people about their guitars too.

Teisco VN-4

Date: 5th July 2009
Name: Bob Crago
Number: 183

I own a Teisco VN-4 in great condition. I recently pulled out of storage to begin playing the blues after going to a concert. It’s hard to find anyone who owns one them. I love the guitar’s sound, very 60s. Thanks for posting your collection online. Bob

Rossetti Lucky 7

Date: 28th June 2009
Name: Brian Stevenson
Number: 182

Great site – it is always good to find other guitar enthusiasts out there. My first guitar was a Rossetti Lucky 7 f-hole acoustic in white, followed by an EKO jumbo acoustic.

I now have an Antoria Les Paul, a Freshman Telecaster, a Roberts Music Man copy, a Satellite short scale bass, a Jasmine semi-acoustic single cutaway, a couple of nylon strung spanish guitars, 2 mandolins and a 5 string banjo.


Date: 19th May 2009
Name: Dan
Number: 181

hi from dan, i own a framus p series 68 6string, hondo2 ricky 4001copy (which sounds awesome) also a fender p bass copy solid with no markings exept letter ‘H’ written in pencil when you take the neck off, any thoughts on this one guy. And of course the columbus constellation 13/0 which i have used many times in my funk jazz rock trio. pretty sure these guitars we’nt meant to be played like this but sound great thru 80’s boogie and peavey 400 bass monster cab yipppy ! cheers guy and all dan

Gibson ES330TD

Date: 13th May 2009
Name: Peter Barnes-Smith
Number: 180

I have a 1961 Gibson ES330TD that I used when playing with Deke Rivers & The Big Sound in Manchester around 1962/3. Can anyone find me a catalogue with this guitar listed.



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