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Date: 6th May 2009
Name: Tony Armalis
Number: 179

Great site & collection Guy! You helped me ID a Zenon last year & I just sent a picture of another guitar I bought with no markings.

Beautiful abandoned guitar

Date: 19th April 2009
Name: cristopher saavedra
Number: 178

some days ago I saw at the street a beautiful abandoned guitar, so I decided to take it to my home, I fixed the wires, and when I conect the guitar it worked, wonderful, I imagined,,jajaja,,I woud like that sombody help me to fix the last details of my telestar guitar,, tank you.

Dusty old guitar

Date: 17th April 2009
Name: Jack
Number: 177

When I first started playing guitar, I got a dusty old guitar off of one of my friends dads for free, he said he got it for £5 at a junk sale.

I took it home and it was in great condition apart from the screws rusting.

I tried replacing the screws myself, but I gave up, I bought a new guitar and threw the old one out, without even realising it was the same as the sakai on your gallery until now.

This isn’t cool.

Shergold Modulator bass

Date: 15th April 2009
Name: George
Number: 176

I own a Shergold Modulator bass. Apparently it is one of the last to be made and was sold at the time that Shergold were going under. Found it in a ‘junk’ shop in Torquay while on holiday. It has the basic module – others are very rare and expensive! Great rock guitar! Got an original fretless neck to go with it! Nice site by the way.


Wilson Rapier 44

Date: 15th April 2009
Name: Mark Wilkinson
Number: 175

Used to have a Wilson Rapier 44 in red, with the 4 single-coil pickups and rotary selector switches. Can’t remember what happened to it but I wish I still had it <sigh>

Burns Split Sonic

Date: 14th April 2009
Name: Martyn Bugess
Number: 174

I have a Burns Split Sonic which I have had since late 60’s. All orginal and in good condition. Still play in a couple of bands. Anyone any idea of its value?


Date: 12th April 2009
Name: Dan Gregory
Number: 173

what!, been looking for a site like this for ages and went online as soon as i saw artical in helston news. great to see columbus which is identical to the first guitar i bought in 93 for £70 ( minus gibson neck i think! ) what a beaut. also framus in the frame good show, dan


Date: 6th April 2009
Name: Bill Bloomfield
Number: 172

hello just read about supersounds in mag interesting!. I am off work at the moment with a broken wrist so i thought i’d tell u about my Framus star bass which isnt the large semi-acoustic, but a short scale solid with a sliding pick up. Its not in very good nick, but plays ok despite a small crack at the headstock[i think where its glued on]. I might come on again and explain about my hofner solids.

Framus Star-Bass

Date: 5th April 2009
Name: Anne Kastner
Number: 171

I was try to check out the prices of Framus Star-Bass, one of which I spotted for £300 recently. It’s such a lovely looking guitar (later played by Bill Wyman), I wanna have it! I also own a Broadway guitar like the first one you picture, but it has twin pick-ups so maybe a later model? Love your pages though! So hard to get decent photos of great vintage guitars.

Tremo Twenty

Date: 31st March 2009
Name: Collin
Number: 170

i have a guitar that identical to your Tremo Twenty. But mine’s a sunburst and the headstock says “Lafayette.” know anything about those? anyway awesome guitars

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