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The Searchers

Date: 18th March 2009
Name: Amanda Mackenzie
Number: 169


Just had a quick look and the site is looking brilliant! Had the best weekend with you guys – The Searchers were amazing! Am still singing their songs.

Will keep checking the website. Looking forward to Scarlet becoming a guitar player.


Kay LP Synth

Date: 18th March 2009
Name: Mark / Seville Guitars
Number: 168

Loved the site. Have been trying to ID a guitar I have that turns out to be a Kay LP Synth as shown in this collection….Thanks! It is offered for sale on eBay right now (3-17-09)

Owner/Seville Guitars

Egmond acoustic guitar

Date: 9th March 2009
Name: mcnivdawg
Number: 167

I just picked up an Egmond acoustice guitar serial # 19290080. 1929 were they making instruments tehn. This the first Egmond I have ever seen and its in very good condition.

Pick guard

Date: 7th February 2009
Name: William
Number: 166


Kent no. 540

Date: 5th February 2009
Name: Cody
Number: 165

hey, i noticed theres a 1960’s kent no. 540

does anyone know how much a mint condition would be worth now a days? if you could get to me, i would really appreciate it!

John Bailey

Date: 24th January 2009
Name: Ruth Andrews
Number: 164

Would like to say thanks a lot to Guy for pointing me in the right direction and helping me contact John Bailey who my family knew centuries ago. Thank you again, Guy.

Peavey T60

Date: 17th January 2009
Name: Paul
Number: 163

I too play the drums yet really love guitars. Sadly, you have all the guitars I WANT IN MY COLLECTION! However, your site is wonderfully presented and I wish you continued success in your collecting. Cheers Paul. P.S. if you come across a Peavey T60, natural finish, give me a shout please, I lost mine years ago at Waterloo station, some git pinched it!!!

You Rock!

Date: 27th December 2008
Name: Raven Slaughter
Number: 162

You rock!!!
What a killer website!
Thanx for all your efforts!

Eko 700 4V

Date: 23rd December 2008
Name: Alex
Number: 161


I have got an old eko 700 4V from my father, but there are missing a few things…
at first I need a pickup, can you help me? where do I get?


1960s Egmond

Date: 23rd December 2008
Name: Dave Turner
Number: 160

I have the body & neck of an old guitar which Guy tells me is 1960’s Egmond. No scratchplate or electrics.

If anyone is interested in re-building it they can contact me for some pictures. It will be free to a good home!

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