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Date: 18th November 2008
Name: Dave Cooper
Number: 149

Hello Guy,
I have been trying to find information about a guitar called a COMMODORE which I purchased in 1970. It was Japanease and had the look of a Burns about it. A fellow band member brought a Commodore which resembled a 335. I can find no info about this company and wondered if you had heard of them and what happened to them?
Dave Cooper

70s nostalgia

Date: 17th November 2008
Name: John Cross
Number: 148

Hi guy, you’ve made yet another sad old rocker wipe away tears of 70’s nostalgia, but as we all know, your first great guitar in your first great band is like your first true love, you never forget! Fortunately for everyone, no recordings exist to shatter the illusion!
I wonder if you could help. I’ve been trying to get hold of a red Hofner 172 exactly like the one shown on your site. Tragically I missed one for £175 recently. Do you ever come across them or know anywhere I can contact. This must be done with utmost secrecy as darling wife would wrap it around my head and set fire to the others if she found out. I’m trying to think of a way of pitching the idea as a sound investment for the children’s future? Any suggestions appreciated!
Many thanks, John

Dallas Tuxedo

Date: 11th November 2008
Name: Gary Leport
Number: 147

Wow ! a nice collection you have there! especially liked the Dallas Tuxedo, the white two pu model was my 1st solid guitar , back in 1959!

Very cool guitars

Date: 7th November 2008
Name: Laurie Wisefield
Number: 146

Ooh you have some very cool guitars there Guy! Thanks for being in touch. Its amazing how fully grown men can break out in a sweat over six strings and a plank of wood aye?
All the best to you

Guitar & Bass magazine

Date: 5th November 2008
Name: Dave Turner
Number: 145

Its good to see the collection featured in the latest Guitar & Bass magazine.
If anyone out there fancies rebuilding an Audition semi acoustic – which Guy tells me is from around 1970 – they must contact me. Free to a good home but it needs a lot of work. I can send some pictures on request.

Odd Japanesee guitars

Date: 31st October 2008
Name: Ake
Number: 144

Hi, I’m Ake from Sweden. I am really impressed by this guitarcollectors site.
So many fine instruments. I would like to thank you Guy for all the great information regarding my odd Japanesee guitars from the 60’s. I would also like to express my content about the work of Paul Day as he found the very most valuable information about my guitars. I immediately ordered his book: “The ultimate guitar book”.

Hagstrom Futurama Coronado Automatic

Date: 26th October 2008
Name: HArry Cronshaw
Number: 143

I was amazed to find a web site containing a guitar that I had great affection for in the 1960s – the Hagstrom Futurama Coronado Automatic. I traded it in against a Burns Short scale Jazz and my Bird amp against a Vox . . . if only!

Research paper

Date: 23rd October 2008
Name: Maggi
Number: 142

I would first like to thank you for helping me with my research paper for school.

Your website has given me such insite in the world of guitar collecting.

This is an amazing website!!


Date: 23rd October 2008
Name: Ian Seaton
Number: 141

Hell Guy,Greetings from Ballachulish, I had a visit yesterday from our mutual friend Lars. He came up to photograph some of my collection and told me about yours.
I think I must have had every one of yours at some point in my life. He was not sure exactly where you are from, but thought it was either Mull or Mull of Kintyre. Have a peek at my stuff, I have one or two you probably have never seen. Take care. Slainte!

Futurama II deluxe

Date: 15th October 2008
Name: Graham Orbell
Number: 140

What a nostalgic trip into yester-year. I recognise many of the guitars. I started in the late 50’s with a Hofner Colorama 2 pick-up, then 1961 a Broadway single pick-up, then 1963 a Futurama II deluxe in cool blue. My first Strat was 1966 also in ice-blue. I’m now 61 and still playing in a band. I’m currently using an American deluxe Strat in sunburst, Gibson Les Paul in wine, and an SG in cherry tuned to open G. I also own a Hohner Rockwood LX2550G Les Paul copy.
Happy days!!!!. Keep up the good work. Regards

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