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Heit Deluxe

Date: 3rd September 2008
Name: Hope Brister
Number: 139

my grandpa gave me a Heit Deluxe guitar that was made in Japan.. It needs to be totally redone.. but i cant find any info on the guitar… its just like the’ Queens of Stone Age” guitar… what do i do?

Great collection

Date: 25th August 2008
Name: Zeus
Number: 138

Great collection.
I have some of these.
Wish to have more.
Keep it up.
Most wonderful to see I’m not as crazy as I think I am at times.

Ray Ennis

Date: 21st August 2008
Name: Alan Lovell
Number: 137

Hi Guy. Just letting you know Ray Ennis is on The Steve Wright Show on the 29th of August. Plugging the just realeased E M I years
4 C D pack. Hopefully. Picture and Message from Ray to follow. Cheers S B J s

Antoria guitars

Date: 20th August 2008
Name: David Fowler
Number: 136

Brilliant collection. Discovered it doing some research on Antoria guitars and found a link to your 994. I had what must have been a 992 (two pickups) in the 1970s and was never able to find anything out about it – this is the only other one I’ve ever seen, except for one on ebay (it went for about £150).
Mine was light blue and had had a Bigsby vibrato fitted, and I think my selector switches were where yours says ANTORIA. It’s more Bison-y shaped than I remember.
I could never get it to sound much good, but maybe that was me, or my amp which was also not much good. Didn’t get on with the very thick neck, though.
A few weeks after I bought it my local shop had a secondhand Vox teardrop for £20, or £5 more than I’d paid for the Antoria (a lot at the time) – if I’d bought that it would be worth about £1000 now. Still, what I’d really like is a Vox White Shadow like yours, except preferably in blue. Really like the shape…

David Fowler

John Leyton

Date: 15th August 2008
Name: Michael
Number: 135

Interesting pictures of John Leyton I went to same school and was friends with Hedley. Good collection


Date: 6th August 2008
Name: Amanda Michelson
Number: 134

just passing by and thought i’d say hello! 😀


Date: 4th August 2008
Name: Tony Armalis
Number: 133

Great stuff man. Ipicked up a used guitar that everyone said was a Teisco. Someone pointed me to your site & it’s the Zenon in gallery 7, except mine is a tobacco sunburst. Now, to find a new trem for it……

Fenton Weills

Date: 26th July 2008
Name: Trevor Midgley
Number: 132

Guy – you have a great site here.

Well done, and thanks for adding to the sum of man’s knowledge of Fenton Weills!

All the best –


1964 Martin

Date: 15th July 2008
Name: John Snyder
Number: 131

Hi Guy,

Great site. While I’m strictly an acoustic player, I can appreciate the “Dark Side.”

My own collection includes a 1964 Martin 00-21NY that I bought new; a ca.1990 Martin D-42 that I bought new; a Takamine F-400 12-string; and a Wildwood 5-string banjo.


Loved the site

Date: 6th July 2008
Name: Karina Countess von Borowski Hosking
Number: 130

Darling! Loved the site.At least unlike me you dont collect hay burners!XXXXXYour friend KarinaX

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