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Radio Cornwall

Date: 15th April 2008
Name: Joe Boyce
Number: 119

Hi Guy was great to hear you on radio Cornwall and what a great guitar collection

David White Show

Date: 15th April 2008
Name: Ed Simons
Number: 118

Hi Guy,

Great to hear you on the David White Show (Radio Cornwall 15/04/2008).
Your collection keeps on growing and I look forward to administering to your M & H.


Limited Edition Handle guitar auction

Date: 8th April 2008
Name: Peter Solomon
Number: 117

P.S. For more information on the last of the 100 numbered Limited Edition Handle guitar auction see:

Incredible collection!

Date: 7th April 2008
Name: Peter Solomon
Number: 116

Hello Guy,
Great website and incredible collection! Big compliments! Here is a bit of information about a one time auction that could be really of interest to you:
XOX Audio Tools , producer of one of the most revolutionary award-winning carbon fiber guitars, the Handle, has decided to put the last of 100 numbered limited edition guitars up for auction to the highest bidder and all proceeds will go directly to Guitars not Guns. Guitars not Guns is a non profit making organisation based in the USA, Canada, UK and expanding. They offer free guitars,lessons, encouragement and confidence building to underprivileged children and at-risk youth. They operate entirely on donations and volunteer efforts. They use music as an alternative to violence by providing ambition, a hobby and career possibilities to these needy children.
XOX Audio Tools will be putting their number 100 Handle guitar on ebay on April 21st and it will be auctioned on May 1st 2008.

Hohner Shark Fin SE603

Date: 4th April 2008
Name: Ed
Number: 115

Just got a Honher Shark Fin SE603. Like the one in your collection.

Just had to look!

Date: 2nd April 2008
Name: Peter Innes
Number: 114

I just had to look!


John Leyton

Date: 28th March 2008
Name: Alan Lovell
Number: 113

Hello again Doug. Just seen John Leyton at Milton Keynes (1996) on your web site. I was the guitarist on the gig that day. Great fun ! Cheers again. Alan. (SBJs)

Dallas Tuxedo

Date: 28th March 2008
Name: Alan Lovell
Number: 112

Hi Guy. Thanks for letting me know my first electric guitar was a Dallas Tuxedo.(I often wonderd what the make was?) It was my first electric guitar. After that photo was taken, the guy holding the Dallas Tuxedo (Keith) bought a Bass guitar (Then the group sounded a lot better ! ) I also had a Club 40 (Hofner) at that time ! I have a photo to prove it! ha ha . What would Ray’s (S B Js) Cherry Red Gibson be worth now ? If it had’nt been stolen in the 60s ., Lets not go there ! Thanks for emailing me. Dont be a stranger. All the best. Alan. (SBJs)

Echo Mountain Boys

Date: 27th March 2008
Name: Bf 949
Number: 111

great to see one of my guitars on your website.I made it in the 60sfor a band called Echo Mountain Boys fromKent who were under the guidance of Bill Clfton from the USA.I made it in1968 in Wembley before I moved to Dartmouth in 1972.It was one of the earliest solids I made.What a fantastic collection you have.Keep up the good work. Cheers John Bailey

Marlin Masterclass

Date: 17th March 2008
Name: Nathan B
Number: 110

hey , thanks for your help,

my dad brought me the marlin masterclass mmc-11 and i have never been able to find anything out about it untill i came across you guys, thankyou once again :):):):) nathan b

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