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Date: 12th March 2008
Name: Claire
Number: 109

many thanks guy for telling us more about the the watkins we came across you were very helpfull im glad i came across this site what a fab site too

Knowledgeable guitar fan

Date: 22nd February 2008
Name: James Gossip
Number: 108

A pleasure and a privilege to be shown such a wonderful collection by such a knowledgeable guitar fan.
It’s just got me wanting more!
Many thanks once again Guy.

Henry Weill

Date: 18th February 2008
Name: Dave Edwards
Number: 107

Guitar builder for Henry Weill in the early 60s at Reynolds Road, Acton. If anyone still has my FW one-off red, single sided head, semi acoustic, I’d like to know where it’s been since 1967! Keith and Mike where are you?


Date: 8th February 2008
Name: Paul Carroll
Number: 106

Guy, thanks for the link promise. I had linked to some of your guitars in the past. Will have to add some more esp the Segovia


What a collection!

Date: 3rd February 2008
Name: Davor Pavuna
Number: 105

Guy, it took me some time to visit the galery and it is amazing: what a collection ! Moreover, it’s an asset to all of us worldwide as we need the reference galeries to find out what’s the real art ! From what I hear the collection guitars are the safest investment in the past 50 years … still going up (while baby bommers age 🙂

BTW, how do I add few photos to the gallery?

Bon courage and bravo !


Fender Coronado

Date: 3rd February 2008
Name: Davor Pavuna
Number: 104

Dear Guy, thanks for your latest feedback concerning this unique Fender Coronado (with a 3+3 headstock). I am trying to load few photos to your page for all the experts to have a look: seems to me that this guitar is totally unique – and Fender are officially unaware of it (they do not deny it – just they have no records) !

Thanks, Davor

Washburn guitar

Date: 28th January 2008
Name: Wayne Goldsmith
Number: 103

Hi i have 1897 washburn guitar that i would like to now the value of serial no is 316685 style 112

Quite an amazing collection!

Date: 27th January 2008
Name: Stein Johnsen
Number: 102

Quite an amazing collection you have there! A lot more than I have, but feel free to have a look if you feel like it!

Love this site

Date: 23rd January 2008
Name: Billy Carlen
Number: 101

I Love This site .rave on

Antiques Roadshow

Date: 17th January 2008
Name: Steve Williams
Number: 100

I was watching the Antiques Roadshow and stopped to take more attention when I heard the Dallas Tuxedo being mentioned. This was especially significant as I have had a two pickup example, in wood finish, for the past 40 years.

I originally bought this for a small sum from a local second-hand shop, as I was then a 13 year old who wanted to learn to play electric.

The Tuxedo is complete and in original condition, including hard case. I have just had Dave at Axeshack ( to give it a service, and the most significant work was a new set of flat wound strings, to suit.

I would love to hear from others who have either owned, or still own, a Tux’.

Many thanks Guy for having such a great collection, and I look forward to hearing more about the plans for a dedicated web site for the Tux’.

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