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Luthier website

Date: 31st December 2007
Name: Gavin Armstrong
Number: 99

Great Website, are you intrested in building guitars? Come join the luthier website @

Telestar H1

Date: 31st December 2007
Name: Nick
Number: 98

Awesome collection.
I was ecstatic to see another Telestar H1 as I’d never seen one besides my own before. Looking through these has also inspired me to try and find a really cheap vintage japanese made guitar to fiddle around with; I’ve always been entranced by Jaguar and Jazzmaster type guitars, but never though I could afford one. And thanks for the help on the details of the H1!

Fenton-Weill and Kay aficionado

Date: 30th December 2007
Name: Paul Wratten
Number: 97

Hi Guy.

I love the site and your wonderfully eclectic collection.

I’m a fellow Fenton-Weill and Kay aficionado and I’ve recently started setting up a website to collate the history of Fenton-Weill and Kay. It’s very much the start of a work in progress but I welcome any input from anybody who’s got something to add.……

All the best for 2008!!!

Kent Polaris

Date: 30th December 2007
Name: John Thompson
Number: 96

Hi Guy. What a great site! You have an envious collections of guitars. I found it while searching for details on a Kent Polaris, which was recently given to me. It seems to be rather rare, though unfortunately not highly sought after. All the best to you.

Kay guitar

Date: 12th December 2007
Name: Dave Turner
Number: 95

A friend of mine recovered a Kay guitar (Les Paul style) from a waste skip. He sold it to me for £30. It needed some repairs, cleaning & minor parts and is now a good looking & sounding instrument. It dates from around 1980 – made in Japan Thanks Guy for the information on Kay Guitars.


Date: 9th December 2007
Name: Billy Carlen
Number: 94

Thats so cool .Your frind Billy Carlen.

Amazing collection of wonderful guitars

Date: 25th November 2007
Name: Hans Werner Finking
Number: 93

what an amazing collection of wonderful guitars on your pages. Have just linked your site, you deserve it to be presented on one of the world’s most comprehensive Buddy Holly websites.
Cheers from Germany

Real passion for the guitars

Date: 16th November 2007
Name: Tanya Dyer
Number: 92

What an amazing collection, someone has a real passion for the guitars…Owner must have a very good taste and knowledge of finer things in life.


Date: 13th November 2007
Name: Eric Sandiford
Number: 91

Hi Guy
Just a short message to say that your web site is of interest everytime I look. I get a shot of nostalgia seeing the low budget guitars which were all we could afford in the early 60s. Thanks also for the encouragement in establishing my web site for Grimshaw, a forgotten brand until we decided to do something about it.
Best wishes

Washburn A-15

Date: 12th November 2007
Name: Andy Smith
Number: 90

Hi Guy, Many thanks for your very helpful reply to my email query about the value of my Washburn A-15 for sale. Your site is a fantastic wealth of guitar knowledge.

If anyone is interested in buying my Washburn A-15 for a bargain price please email me.

Many thanks

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