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Date: 1st November 2007
Name: Paul
Number: 89

Hello i just wanted to say that i like your site you got lots of great guitars.I got an old guitar called a zenon it is an electric and it is in desent shape and i dont know much about it i do know my uncle got it years ago when he was in the navy.if you have any info could you contact me……thanks.

Watkins Rapier 33

Date: 21st October 2007
Name: Geo
Number: 88

My first electric guitar was a Watkins Rapier 33 and it cost me £36 way back in ’67.

It was so good to see it again on your amazing website in all it’s glory!

Since those days, I have owned and played Fender Stratocasters and Gibson Les Pauls, but none of these can compare to the Rapier 33 for sheer nostalgia.
The buzz is still there man! 🙂

Keep up the good work.


Antoria 993

Date: 14th October 2007
Name: Richard
Number: 87

Guy. Finally got round to putting my Antoria 993 on the Antoria MSN Group. I also put on a copy of your Antoria 994 and several plugs for your wonderful website. I would have done it sooner but MSN would not allow me to upload any photos until tonight.
Once again many thanks to you (and Paul Day) for your help in identifying my guitar. Richard

Re: Kurt Cobain Epiphone E270

Date: 4th October 2007
Name: Guy Mackenzie
Number: 86

This is my reply to message No 96 left by Aperson on 18th September 2007.
Prior to Nevermind, Kurt Cobain used several “less expensive” guitars including Univoxs and Epiphones. I understand that his guitar of choice , at that time, was his red Epiphone E-270. This was the red guitar he used in In Bloom-Sub Pop. This was also a guitar he used in the recording of Bleach and this seems well documented.
Thank you for visiting my site and leaving a message in my Guestbook.
Best Wishes,Guy.

Golden star guitar

Date: 25th September 2007
Name: The Glitter Band
Number: 85

How relaxing to find this site and browse through this fantastic guitar collection, superb! You may recall we were one of the pioneers of ‘novelty’ guitars when Mike Leander our manager and producer had built for us a golden star guitar in 1972, we replaced it with one built by John Birch in 1975 and this guitar was gigged until 2002 when Gerry Shephard fell ill, sure the guitar picked up a few kocks and bruises along the way but was lovingly tended to each time. The guitar is now ‘resting’ but is cared for each day. It is an icon of the GlamRock era and outlived and outlasted ALL other novelty guitars built at that time by John Birch. If interested there is a section on our site about the guitar’s history. Anyway super site Guy and well done!!


Date: 18th September 2007
Name: aperson
Number: 84

Great Collection but the epiphone that you claim that kurt cobain used is wrong… i know it looks like it… but the real guitar where a Univox Custom hi-flyer 1965.. that one is totaly diffrent

Walk down memory lane

Date: 16th September 2007
Name: tatman
Number: 83

hi guy just looked at your site ! and just wanted to say what a great collection !!!! and how nice it was to see the guitar that i restored . and what a great walk down memory lane looking at your site 10 out of 10 from me full of info and laid out nice ! what a great web site. all the best and see you soon from TATMAN

Collection is growing

Date: 10th September 2007
Name: Jenny
Number: 82

Hi Guy,
Your website is looking great and I can’t believe how much your collection is growing….you’ll need another house for your guitars soon!

Oldtimer guitares

Date: 9th September 2007
Name: Pialat Bernard
Number: 81

Votre collection est tres belle, je possede aussi une quarantaine de oldtimer guitares.
Avec beaucoup de plaisir
Bernard Pialat
Sun from South France

Freshman 5800

Date: 24th July 2007
Name: Chris Sullivan
Number: 80


My first guitar was a Freshman 5800, second hand from Selmer’s shop in Charing Cross Road together with a Little Giant amp; this would have been about 1964. Like most of us from this era I was in a group at school, The Stylists. As I am left-handed I had to re-string the guitar but I was never very comfortable with it and within about a year Roger across the road decided guitar playing was not for him and he sold me, for £75.00 his, by then, third or forth hand, left-handed, Burns Trisonic two pickup job which came with a beautiful, plush lined Selmer hard case. Sadly, over the years my mum saw fit to dispose of all my gear but after many vicissitudes I now have a Selmer Zodiac Twin-Tone 30 watt amp, a Watkins CopyCat, (valve type) and two guitars, both left-handed, a Fender Telecaster, sunburst finish and a 50th anniversary sunburst Stratocaster which I have fitted with Custom 54 Fender pick-ups. The Telecaster is my favourite. I am now in what you might call a Shadows tribute band with my mate Ron from work. He plays lead and I play rhythm we also have a drummer who is quite a bit younger than us, we all work on the buses and a school teacher who plays bass.

Ron, who hails from Dartford, plays a pink Mexican Strat through a modern amp and a solid-state Watkins CopyCat (although I have a second Selmer, a Twin Selector-Tone which is being rebuilt at the moment.) His first guitar was a Vox Soundcaster and he has a picture of him playing it taken in the early sixties.

Well, that’s all for now, great site, kindest regards,

Chris Sullivan.

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