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62 Burns Sonic

Date: 16th February 2007
Name: Tony Wright
Number: 59

I wonder if anyone can help. I am a left hander who owns a mint 62 Burns Sonic as part of a LH collection. I have some evidence that the Vibra Artiste by Burns was also made LH as a custom order in the 60’s when such things were very rarely done.Has anyone out there seen,r heard of or own such a beast? I have searched and searched but to no avail. Any information gratefully received.

John Bailey

Date: 11th February 2007
Name: Nick Roche
Number: 58

Hi Guy

I’ve just acquired an acoustic guitar made in London by John Bailey in 1970. I’m trying to find out a bit more about him and I see that you have an electric guitar made by someone with the same name. Do you (or anyonone else reading this) know if it is the same person and, if so, do you know anything about him?

I’ve put everything I’ve found so far on Wikipedia:…

You can see my new guitar here:… (I will be taking some better pictures eventually)

Nick Roche

Burns/London Bass

Date: 5th February 2007
Name: Ash Fiebig
Number: 57

Hi Guy,thanks for getting back to me about my BURNS/LONDON 1963 6 STRING SPLIT SOUND BASS guitar,hoping some of your readers may no something about this model of guitar,i cant find anyone that has,or seen one of these guitars,please contact me if anyone has some info,thanks again for your help,

The Confederates

Date: 2nd February 2007
Name: Robert Farnley
Number: 56

what a great site
I played in a Manchester band, The Confederates, in the early sixties. My first electric was a Rosetti Lucky 7. I used to think it was made from the plywood in tea chests! The action was about an inch. I told people later that “if you can play a Rosetti, you can play anything”
i also had a Futurama and my favourite, a Hofner Colorama with a leatherette body. In the band I played a Hofner President bass. (a pic of this bass,played by my successor, is in the MDMArchive under Confederates.
I have have new collection of modern guitars including a real Gibson SG twin neck and a 1982 Ibanez Pro Roadstar. This one really rocks!!!
great site. lots of guitars I’d forgoton about.
Robert Farnley

Blue Sparkle Finish Vintage Guitar

Date: 18th January 2007
Name: Eugene
Number: 55

I received a blue sparkle finish vintage guitar with a tremolo bar, funky rocker style switches and two single coil pickups. It’s coolest trait though is the fret inlays as there are two at every marker location and they come in from the sides. The 12th fret has a single marker in the middle. It has a bound neck and anyway I got it from a friend and wrote in to this site for any info on it as there is nothing to designate a maker.
Wow, within minutes I got my response. Apparently it is a “Norma” made in Japan by a company named “Tombo”. It is a very cool guitar which actually sounds very good and plays well. It is suffering from a lack of attention as it was stored under a bed in a plastic bag with the strings at tension for some 20 to 30 years. The owner said he bought it in 1966 new. Anyone interested in seeing pictures is welcome to e-mail me! Cheers!


Austin Hatchet

Date: 13th January 2007
Name: Kerry
Number: 54

I have an Austin Hatchet (Kay travel guitar) and I love it. I have owned it for about 15 years and it is a lot of fun to play. Does anyone know what it might be worth these days?

Guyatone Lafayette

Date: 10th January 2007
Name: Per Myklebust
Number: 53

I just read the article in GUITAR. Wonderful guitars! I have a small collection myself, and among them a Guyatone Lafayette similar to yours. It plays great, but I had to change the plastic bridge to a metallic one with roller saddles (I have kept the original, of course). The vibrato arm is among my favourites ever. And I just love those quirky pickups. This guitar is a keeper and I use it all the time.

Great Collection

Date: 9th January 2007
Name: Gaz Dytor
Number: 52


Cool Stuff

Date: 1st January 2007
Name: coppo
Number: 51

hi cool stuff here i also have a traval guitar had it since i was around 15 keep up the great work coppo xxxx

Tone Deaf

Date: 28th December 2006
Name: Caroline
Number: 50

I will want a full translation of Russian when we next meet! Can’t remark on the guitars being tone deaf etc but still wondering where you manage to store them all.
Thanks for being my claim to fame as well as a good friend.

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