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Starforce 8007

Date: 12th July 2006
Name: Claudio Marcelo
Number: 19

Hi, I wanna know if still is possible to get some more information about Starforce 8007 guitar. And if it’s possible to buy these model still, even used and oldie. Thank for any information. Claudio Marcelo Villarroel Mariani from Argentina

Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 16-Jul-06, 10:56 am, GMT +1

Thank you for your message – it was great to hear from someone from the other side of the world!
The Starforce guitar in my collection, which dates from 1990, is the actual guitar featured in the “Ultimate Guitar Book” and was included because it was one of Korea’s first attempts (and a successful one) at manufacturing a high quality “superstrat” type guitar. However it was not a commercial success probably because, at that time, Korea was not recognised as a country that built top quality instruments – it was aimed almost at the PRS market. Consequently few were made however, occasionally they do appear for sale but I haven’t seen one for some time. Maybe your message in my guest book might help to discover one.
My best advice is to keep looking but if I hear of one, I will mail you.
Regards, Guy

Sunburst Strat

Date: 9th July 2006
Name: Mike Berry
Number: 18

Hi Guy,
Just a courtesy call to say thanks for contacting the site. Haven’t looked at all your guitars, but looks like an interesting collection. I only have one oldie but goodie, and that’s an all original 1962 3 tone sunburst Strat. with slab fret board and no whammy bar. I also have a Jap rosewood Tele which is very nice but bloody heavy!
Cheers, Mike

Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 09-Jul-06, 11:40 pm, GMT +1

Thank you so much for contacting my site. I especially appreciated hearing from you as you’ve been an inspiration to me and your recordings of “Tribute to Buddy Holly”, “My Little Baby” and “Don’t You Think It’s Time” were some of the first records I ever bought!
During the last few years, I’ve seen you on several occasions and enjoyed each gig – however, the very best I attended was in about 1999 when you appeared with Hogan’s Heroes and Dave Edmonds in North London.
It was really interesting to read about your Tele and that ’62 Strat – it’s certainly a collector’s item!
You ARE one of the “Great’s” of British R ‘n’ R and you have one of the very best live shows touring today – thank you again for taking the time to visit my site. Keep on Rockin’!
Best wishes, Guy

Teisco EV-2T

Date: 2nd July 2006
Name: Steve Bayfield
Number: 17

Hi Guy
Many thanks for the loan of the Teisco EV-2T. I gave it a good blast through my Marshall amp using the Univibe and it brought back memories of playing the identical Del Rey that I had back in 1973. Like the Windsor Free Festival all over again!!!
Cheers Steve

Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 03-Jul-06, 12:50 pm, GMT +1

It was a pleasure to lend you my Teisco. In fact, when I saw the picture of you with your Del Rey on your website it inspired me to try and find one – a process that took about 6 months!
I’m looking forward to hearing your latest recordings soon.
Best wishes, Guy

Fenton Weill bass guitar

Date: 3rd June 2006
Name: Stu
Number: 16

Hi there, I have just been talking with some fellow musos in my local guitar shop, I mentioned that back in the 70’s I owned a 1958 or 59 Fenton Weill bass guitar for which I paid £5 a (3 weeks paper round money back then) , you should have seen their jaws hit the floor. The main question was “do you still have it?” well I am not sure, it could be in my mum’s loft but I would have to go and check that out. Anyway even if it is still there I don’t think it would be worth much, you see I stripped it all down and painted it with white Dulux gloss paint in about 1972, oh the things you get up to when you are young eh? anyway after I put it all back together again it served me well for a few more years afterwards then it kind of faded away once I bought a new Fender Precision. I just thought that I would drop by and tell you the storey and let you know that I think your site is excellent.

Possible Film

Date: 18th April 2006
Name: Robin
Number: 15

Guy: I’m impressed by your guitar collection, but more interested in your desire to still “rock and roll.” To that point, I will be in the UK in May along with my new HD camera equipment and would like very much to film your group in session. Would that be a possibility? I’m working on a short documentary about eggcrate, garage bands who still have a serious passion for their music. What do you think? Would you allow me to film you? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Robin

Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 10-May-06, 12:42 pm, GMT +1

Robin, I was very flattered to discover that an author and filmmaker – such as you – should be interested in involving me in a documentary. I’ve therefore thought long and hard about your offer and, despite misgivings, am now in the process of “dusting off” my drum kit! I have also contacted Martin Bellamy and the two best musicians I ever played with: Bill Geddes and Tony Price – we’ll see what transpires!
However, I have also sourced some very talented young and not-so young bands from the West Country and look forward to introducing you to them. In the meantime we look forward to your visit and thank you again for your interest. Guy.

Burns/Weil Bass

Date: 11th April 2006
Name: Andy Bole
Number: 14

Nice to see the Burns/Weil Bass that was used in Mungo Jerry on your site, glad its gone to a good home.

New Website

Date: 11th April 2006
Name: Amanda Mackenzie
Number: 13

Me again, I thought I would check out the website again because I understand you have purchased a couple of new guitars. Can’t see them on your site just yet? But if you can let me know when they’re on I need to let a few people know.

Brilliant website.
Amanda xxx

Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 11-Apr-06, 9:02 pm, GMT +1

Thank you for your messages. You are quite correct, another 2 guitars (and more to come!) will be added to my collection soon – a Vox Shadow and a Grimshaw bass both from the 1960’s.
I also wanted to congratulate you on the success you have had with your running and for completing your latest run (16 miles!!) in such good time!
Congratulations too on your involvement in Battersea Power Station but I also know what a great organisation they are to be involved with.
I’m looking forward to seeing you soon,
With all my love Dad XXX

Mungo Jerry

Date: 1st April 2006
Name: Rob Kamphues
Number: 12

Hi Guy, A really impressive guitar collection, one of the best I ever seen. The most brilliant is the “Burns Weil” bassguitar previously owned by John Godfrey from Mungo Jerry, A real treasure !! John Godfrey was member of the band during the best period of Mungo Jerry (1970 / 1973) remember hits as “Baby Jump” and “You Don’t Have To Be In The Army” and the brilliant “Have A Whiff On Me” as he played on the withdrawn EP “Lady Rose” and don’t forget the contribution on Ray Dorset’s solo album “Cold Blue Excursion” The “Burns Weil” (1959?) is a brilliant item in this collection. Keep On Rockin’

New Website

Date: 29th March 2006
Name: Mike Layton
Number: 11

Dear Guy,
I was quite impressed with your website mate and very interested with it too !, i used to be in a couple of guitar groups myself guy before actually going on my own as a solo singer in and around the manchester area, we must really have a chat again sometime about our musical interest’s, in the meantime mate take care and keep rockin mate.
yours from Mike.

Memories of Gigging

Date: 28th March 2006
Name: Tony Price
Number: 10

Hi there Guy, Really enjoyed looking at your site, Brings back a lot of memories especially when we were gigging together and annoying everybody in the vicinity. but they were great days well done. regards.
Tony Price

Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 10-Apr-06, 1:37 pm, GMT +1

Tony (Price),
Its great to still be in touch with you after all these years. I’m sorry to hear that circumstances have forced you to hang up your “Strat” but at least anyone who visits my site will be able to order your CD’s via your email address. My favoutite is “Tony Price Sings Country” with 21 great tracks. By the way, now that your recording studio will be used a little less than previously, could I utilise it to house some of my guitar collection — which is growing fast??
Thank you for being a good friend over the years and a great musical partner — we had some memorable times together. And you have given thousands of people so much enjoyment with your singing, playing and, especially, your “all-round” ability to entertain an audience.
All best for the future to you and Gill.
Best Wishes,Guy

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