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New Website

Date: 22nd March 2006
Name: Iona
Number: 9

I love the site…well done – it’s interesting and fun!

Although I think there is a small section missing about how your youngest daughter inspired your music even more when she was born…ha ha!


Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 10-Apr-06, 1:38 pm, GMT +1

Thank you for your message — you have always been inspirational to me both before and after you were born!!
Congratulations on your success in Television — I’m always proud to see your name appearing in the research and production credits (and you appearing in) shows such as “Test The Nation” and “Brainiacs”.
I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.
With all my love Dad XXX

“Mothers and Daughters”

Date: 21st March 2006
Name: Guy Mackenzie
Number: 8

Thank you so much for visiting my site–yes we all had a great time in Mull and lets try to meet there again soon.
I really enjoyed the preview of your latest movie “Mothers and Daughters” and I’m sure millons more will when it goes on general release very soon.You are a Star and its been my privilege that you have taken time out of a busy schedule to visit my site!
Guy xxxx

Acoustic Guitar

Date: 20th March 2006
Name: Heidi
Number: 7

Hey there Guy…… If I’d know you were so musically inclined, I would have insisted on some jam sessions in Mull!! Dearest Allan bought me an acousitc guitar years ago, and there it sat, in a corner of my room, collecting dust. But alas, I became inspired and took a classical guitar class. I learned to read music, which I’ve since forgotten, and to butcher some of my favorite songs. But I continue to do so and always love playing. Your story and website are both suprising to me and inspiring. I’m going to go butcher away right now….Can’t wait to see you again, and see what you got……………

62 Dualtone

Date: 18th March 2006
Name: Nick Harling
Number: 6

Hello again Guy, and congratulations on producing such a super website! It’s lovely to see the 62′ Dualtone being so well cared-for and appreciated by its new owner. I thoroughly enjoyed my time owning and playing it, too. Since we last spoke, I have stripped down my collection even further – a pair of Watkins Rapiers (22 and 33) from the mid-60s, which I play all the time. Cheap, yes, but they make me cheerful! All the best, Nick.

Totally Awesome!

Date: 13th March 2006
Name: Tatiana Blue
Number: 5

Dude: You’re totally awesome! I can totally relate to your dream. Don’t know much about those guitars, but dude, I know what it feels like to have the fire inside. Even tho it sounds as if you got side tracked by life and stuff, it looks as tho you’ve continued to follow your heart and soul in your ever lasting search for creative freedom. Carry on.

Grouse Guitars

Date: 12th March 2006
Name: Grouse Guitars
Number: 4

many thanks for the message Guy! Yes, I’m very happy to exchange links with such a great website! Here at Grouse Guitars we share and understand the passion for the many variations the guitar can assume! From the Godwin organ guitar we just sent to Germany to the quirkiest of early Japanese and European models, we love them all! Plus, of course, the evergreen classics. Cheers, and cngrats on a GROUSE website!

Neil, Grouse Guitars

Amazing Looking Guitars

Date: 10th March 2006
Name: Amanda Mackenzie
Number: 3

I think the website is really good. There are some amazing looking guitars on there. Also, the Wheal Buller Project looks great. I’ve been there before – so I know!

Well done for this interesting site.


Del Rey Guitar

Date: 8th March 2006
Name: Guy Mackenzie
Number: 2

Steve, Thanks for your message. I’m not surprised you regret selling your Del Rey–I’d certainly like to have one in my collection! So keep watching this space!
I enjoyed looking at your website and wonder what guitars you currently own? Also did I see you using a Vox Phantom?

Del Rey Guitar

Date: 4th March 2006
Name: Steve Bayfield
Number: 1

I used to own a Del Rei guitar in the early 70s (photo on my website:…) and I was wondering if you’ve come across this make before?
The logo on the machine head was red and white with a rising sun design. I sold it in 1973, not realising at the time, just how rare this style of guitar was to become.

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