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Fender Coronado

Date: 30th May 2013
Name: John
Number: 239

1967 Fender Coronado

Hi Guy,

I thought you’d be interested to see a picture of the Fender Coronado which I purchased recently. Its not completely original as you can see and, of course, it’s missing the scratch plate but it plays really well.

If you get time I’d really appreciate meeting up with you and comparing them.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Guy's Response:

Hi John,

Thanks for your message. Yes your Coronado looks great and, as you know, they are very rare too — especially in this part of the world.

I’ll look forward to meeting you soon and we can compare!

Best wishes,

Barnes & Mullins Guitar

Date: 7th May 2013
Name: John
Number: 238

Hi Guy,

Here are a couple of picture of my rare Barnes & Mullins guitar, which was built by Shergold, which I thought might interest you.


Guy's Response:

Hi John,

Thanks for your message and photos. This is a very rare guitar and, of course, it’s a similar instrument to my Shergold PD custom which was a one-off built for Paul Day. We have no idea how many B & M guitars were built but it could be as little as one batch of, perhaps, ten. It’s certainly a very interesting guitar and thanks for sending me the photos.

Best wishes,

Gibson Flying V

Date: 7th May 2013
Name: Eric
Number: 237

Hi Guy,

I refer to our previous correspondence regarding my Besson Aristone Bass and others..

I had a look at the complicated three humbucker electrics in my Flying V today. To my astonishment written inside is Kiss (like 2 sideways zeds) 21/8/83. Please see photos attached. The guitar is 1981, serial no. 81141006.

I am wondering if there is a connection and if that is when the third humbucker was introduced. What do you think?

I recently bought a 1982 Ibanez Blazer Bass in great condition. It plays like a dream.


Guy's Response:

Hi Eric,

I’ve just spoken to Paul Day and he believes that the 3rd Humbucker was added in 1983. He feels that it could have been modified for one of the members of Kiss — perhaps Paul Stanley or Ace Frehley. Is there any way you could track the previous owners as if you could prove this it would make the guitar very valuable. But, even if you couldn’t, its certainly a very interesting discovery!

Best wishes,

Gene Simmons Axe

Date: 22nd January 2013
Name: Jim
Number: 236

Gene Simmons with a copy of the Spector bass replica


When a Kiss fan asked Jim Cara to create an exact copy of the Gene Simmons Spector bass that made history in the 1970’s he had no idea that it would impress the man himself. The client handed the bass to Gene Simmons at a show and Gene actually thought he had his old bass back or at least a perfect clone!

See the Cort booth at winter NAMM 2013!


Unknown Bass

Date: 22nd January 2013
Name: Simon
Number: 235

Hi Guy,

Here are a few pix of the bass we discussed and I’ve never seen one like this before. In my opinion it probably originated from East Germany and dates back to either the late 1950’s or early 1960’s. It may have been made by Musima and the pick-ups are Rellog but, of course, it may be a one-off. If you have any ideas please let me know.

I have just put new strings on it and it plays really well.


1st Kramer Guitar!!!

Date: 15th January 2013
Name: Scott
Number: 234

Hi, If you know anyone who wants to buy a piece of rock history please let me know. The guitar is in very good condition & I have a lot of paperwork to prove it.

Thank you,

Guy's Response:

Hi Scott,

Thanks for your message and photos. Its certainly an interesting piece of guitar history and I’m pleased to add this information to my Guestbook. And, of course, I’ll let you know if I have any enquiries.

Best wishes,

Old guitar

Date: 15th January 2013
Name: Ake
Number: 233

An old acoustic guitar

Hello Guy.

It’s your swedish friend Åke Banksell writing again. Most of my precious time off from work is spent with my new Deering Sierra banjo these days. But now and then I’m asked to help people clear things out concerning guitars.

When it comes to really old guitars it’s hard to find information on the internet. I tried to find out what brand my very first guitar was but haven’t succeded so far. I got it from my father but can’t find information as he’s left earth long time ago and so did the guitar. Thought I’d ask if you can help me here as I still have some photographs.

I got it in 1965 as a second-hand gift. He said he’d got it from a friend by 1934 and it was already old and worn out by then. It was stringed with 6 steelstrings but the fifth was gone. The neck action was horrible, probably as it wasn’t meant for steel strings. Steel strings puts a much harder pressure on a guitarneck than nylon strings do. Talking about blisters on my fingers…

I didn’t even know how to tune a guitar but I found out ways to make music with it anyway. I used it as a four string unit. The strings were probably as old as the guitar itself. I hope this can be of use if you want to help me identify the guitar.

I attach my best photo.

The best / Åke

Guy's Response:

Hello Åke,

Thanks for your message – it was nice to hear from you again. Also a great vintage picture of you and the guitar!

I’m sorry to say that I know absolutely nothing about accoustics but it looks old to me – maybe from the 1930’s? However it might be worth your while contacting Pamela at the Musical Instrument Collection (see my links page) I’m sure she will be able to help. But I’ve added your message and my reply to my Guestbook and hopefully someone reading it may be able to help.

All the best,

Rare Kawai Moonsault for sale

Date: 13th January 2013
Name: Chris
Number: 232

Hi Guy

We have this rare plexiglass guitar KAWAI MOONSAULT for sale, maybe you want to post this in your guestbook or spread the message?

Chris, Berlin

Guy's Response:

Hi Chris,

Thanks for letting me know – I’m happy to add this to my Guestbook and will forward on details of anyone interested in buying.

Best wishes,

Description from the sale:

Limited Edition Plexi Glass Kawai Crystal MoonSault Guitar

Here it is for sale , a very limited Plexiglas Kawai Crystal MoonSault Guitar . This guitar has an amazing sound, crystal clear, warm sound. It is not just a beauty put also a masterpiece in japanese craftsmanship. The guitar is in very good condition. Thre is a crack on the laquer on the backside between head and neck that can be see on the picture below, only the laque not the wood! . As I said nothing to worry about. This MoonSault is rare, and the Plexiglass version is ultra rare! You are looking at one of the most rare and coolest guitars of an original design that ever came out of Japan. Below you can read other peoples opinium about this guitar.

This guitar has been reissued many times since it’s debut in the early 1980s, but this one here is an original.It is such a screamer, it’s unreal. The tone knob is push/pull for coil-tapping, so you can get both humbucking and single-coil tones, of which can hardly be matched by any other pickup out there. The tone of these pickups cannot be overstated. They are truly the thickest, richest tone monsters you can get. This guitar is all-original with the exception of the missing clear pickguard that can be easily overlooked. This is a rare opportunity, as these guitars do not come up for sale often, and are coveted the world over. These are great investments as well as guitars to be reckoned with. This is no toy, that’s for sure.

The “Moonsault” electronics are designed to give incredible tonal flexibility. It has a master volume with individual tone controls for each pick-up. Each tone pot is push/pull, yielding coil tapping on one and phase reversal on the other.These electronics are great!!! And there are more pick-up configurations then you’ll know what to do with. Add-in a gain-boost switch, which requires a 9-volt battery… Ya’ got some Serious Tone. There is nothing “Absolutely Nothing” that compares with this guitar… Musicians & collectors alike refer to the incredible Kawai “Moonsault” as the ORIGINAL “Dangerous Curve”.

The guitar on the right in the photo of the second photo is the one in the sale. This is from the original series.

Collection possible in Berlin!

Fenton Weill

Date: 13th January 2013
Name: Hanz
Number: 231

Fenton Weill Guitar

I am Hanz from Belgium… and got your link from my brother, – he gave me this guitar too a few weeks ago… asked me to fix it up a bit … and when i turned this piece of wood into a kind of guitar hehehe, i was amazed to hear the sounds… the action close to the body is way to big, this i need to solve somehow in the future… but o k …

since then, i started to wonder what it actually was … so my brother told me it was a fenton weill model… made by hohner ,he thought… But, we can’t find any more information about it… till he found you and your collection… -maybe this person knows some advice, he told me…

so that’s why i write you my friend… do you have any clue??? What i am playing on for the moment?? Well, my brother said, i could keep it for playing… and i had fun so far… this sounds very typical, like some old surf bands, but also warm…. it looks there is one button missing too on the body… and that somebody did place two click buttons on it too… here i can change the pick-ups with… make it from cool surfy, to warm and warmer… sound…

the body had 3 buttons, volume, tone, and other tone for the two pick ups, this all works too… but there is room for another button, but there is simply ‘left a hole’? next to the 3 buttons, then a hole and then the plug -in jack…

well… if you know something or anything about this guitar, it is welcome…

thank you very much and kindest regards… you have a wonderfull collection there, be proud of it ….

merry Christmas and happy 2013

Guy's Response:

Hi Hanz,

Thank you for your message.

Your guitar dates from about 1962 and it was made by Fenton Weill in London and would have been part of at least one batch of 100 made exclusively for Hohner. You can see something about Fenton Weill in my archive page as I met Betty Weill (Henry Weill’s widow) in London last year and actually saw the factory (their garage) which they used at that time!

It’s certainly had some modifications to the vibrato tailpiece (which won’t have improved the action) along with extra knobs. But its still an interesting and playable vintage guitar – with great pickups.

Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Best wishes and very happy new Year.

Hanz’s response:


How wonderfull, my friend… that you send me this information… I don’t know what to say, THANK YOU so much, this made my Christmas period better for sure …

Well… my brother was a bit right,when he told me about the ‘Fenton Weill’ and did send me to your ‘awsome’ site because you own several… and so, he was right too about the info you could give me…

well, the guitarpick-ups are sounding wonderfull, the action of the strings (close to the body), is something else … i have it now as low as possible, but still it’s pretty high, but… on top of the neck the guitar plays fantastic and the sound is wonderfull… ‘very typical’, and exact what i was looking for, without realising -this guitar would come my way

…. normally i play bass… in bands, and sometimes i do sing and perform acoustic too(Johnny Cash songs only)… but now some guys of the bands asked me to start a new project, with old-bluesy and surfy sounds… and that very SAME day, my brother comes to me with THIS guitar, -WHY??? -we don’t know, but some POWER high above us in the sky decided this all, i think ….

well Guy, THANK YOU very much for this great info yet, and maybe more to come… hehehe ‘goodluck and succes’ with the let’s say MUSEUM there, best wishes and a happy 2013 for you all…

PS i have a Hayman too… for years made by Burns… the one with the 3 pick-ups… but this sounds different…


Fenton Weill Deluxe

Date: 13th January 2013
Name: Mark
Number: 230

Hi Guy

I was hoping you might be able to help me, I have a Fenton Weill Deluxe that someone stripped off all the paintwork a long time back. They done a good job and I’m now in two minds as to leave it as it is or get it resprayed.

Could you tell me what colour yours is as its hard to tell exactly on your site pic. Also do you know if the bridge on mine is original?

Thank you.

Guy's Response:

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your message – its great to know that there’s another FW Deluxe in Cornwall!

The colour of mine is a sort of mahogany colour and has, in fact, been respainted. It has also undergone an ageing process to make it look as original as possible.

The bridge on mine is not original it is a copy of the bridge on my Dualtone in Gallery 2 and was made up by Kif Woods. There is a link to his website on my links page. I’m certain that the bridge on yours is, in fact, original.

All the best and thanks for contacting me,

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