the beatles at stowe April 4th 1963….

Posted on: 27th August 2007

Ticket for the concertDavid “Ted” Moores (recently Chairman of Liverpool F.C.) my contemporary and fellow inmate arranged the booking direct with Brian Epstein and negotiated a fee of just £100. The tickets cost 5/- (25p)

The Beatles at Roxburgh HallThe Beatles live on stage in the Roxburgh Hall, Stowe School. The audience of about 600 was almost exclusively male aged between 13-18 and applauded enthusiastically (there was almost no screaming!) after each number!

The Beatles Signing AutographsGuy Mackenzie, pictured with Paul MacCartney, meets the Beatles in the school assembly hall after the gig…

Beatles autographs…and got the Beatles autographs signed on the page of one of my school exercise books which I still have today.

The Beatles at Stowe in 1963Another photo has emerged of The Beatles’ appearance at Stowe and recently appeared in The Corinthian magazine, picturing them with some of their fans (Guy Mackenzie is in the front row, left of centre!).

Here are Guy’s recollections of that day: