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UK’s Oldest Surviving Solid Bass Guitar!

Posted on: 4th April 2019

1958 Supersound Short Scale Bass

Played here by David Greenaway, the Supersound Short Scale Bass is the oldest surviving solid bass guitar made in the UK!!

This extremely rare bass guitar was built by Jim Burns with electrics by Alan Wootton and dates from early autumn 1958.

This is almost identical to the first bass made for Teddy Wadmore of the Ted Taylor Four and used by him on TV’s Jack Jackson show in that year.

More information on this important bass guitar can be found in the Supersound Single Cutaway Bass section of the Notable British Guitars page.

If you’re interested in Supersound, the makers of Supersound guitars and amps, the Supersound website has a host of carefully researched information on the company.

Showaddywaddy Live With the Blue Moon Guitar!!

Posted on: 18th March 2019

‘Blue Moon’ and the Blue Moon Guitar!

Showaddywaddy live in concert with ‘Blue Moon’ and the Blue Moon Guitar for the first time since 1980!!

Live at the Redruth Regal Theatre, Cornwall, 2019.

The Blue Moon Guitar was custom built by Brian Eastwood in 1980 for Showaddywaddy to launch their single ‘Blue Moon’!

Rare & Vintage Live Footage of The Pirates!

Posted on: 11th March 2019

Shaking All Over Live!!

The Pirates Live in 1979 with the Rock ‘n’ Roll classic Shaking All Over!!

Recovered from an old video tape, the electrifying Pirates in top gear!

The legendary Mick Green on guitar, Frank Farley on drums and Johnny Spence on bass & lead vocals!

Just Because by The Ron Barrett Trio

Posted on: 4th March 2019

The Ron Barrett Trio – Formed for One Night Only!

The Ron Barrett Trio was formed for one night to back Charlie Gracie at his gig in Helston, Cornwall back in 2014.

Here they are playing “Just Because” – the only number they played live as a trio!

Featuring Andy Pascoe on bass, Guy Mackenzie on drums and the late Ron Barrett on guitar.

The Pistoleros Live With Let’s Dance!

Posted on: 25th February 2019

Live at the Godolphin Club in Helston in 2014, here’s the Pistoleros with their first number of the evening ‘Let’s Dance’!

‘Let’s Dance’ was a 1962 hit single for Chris Montez and has been covered by Slade.

1968 John Bailey JBSG-2 (And Tim the Pug!)

Posted on: 18th February 2019

Classic John Bailey Guitar Played by Patrick Aston

This distinctive electric guitar was hand made by Devon based John Bailey in 1968.

The unusual shape of the body and the innovative carving designed to help finger style guitar playing. As shown here by guitarist Patrick Aston and appreciated by Tim the pug!

Charlie Gracie Live With ‘Butterfly’!

Posted on: 11th February 2019

‘Butterfly’ – Charlie Gracie’s Trans Atlantic Hit from 1957!

Captured live at the Godolphin Club, Helston in Cornwall back in 2014, here’s Rock ‘n’ Roll icon Charlie Gracie with his 1957 No. 1 hit ‘Butterfly’.

Charlie Gracie was backed by the Ron Barrett Trio: Ron Barrett on guitar, Andy Pascoe on bass and a certain Guy Mackenzie on drums!

No Apologies Live With ‘Crazy’!

Posted on: 5th February 2019

The Fantastic Voices of A Capella Band No Apologies!

Recorded live at the Godolphin Club, Helston in Cornwall, No Apologies sing their version of ‘Crazy’.

‘Crazy’ was written by Willie Nelson and was a hit for Patsy Kline in 1962.

‘Three Steps to Heaven’ on the Blue Moon Guitar!

Posted on: 29th January 2019

This is our second recent video featuring this custom-built electric guitar!

Originally built to launch Showaddywaddy’s single ‘Blue Moon’, guitarist Hayden Ashdown played this guitar in our earlier video.

This video features Andy George singing and playing Eddie Cochran’s ‘Three Steps to Heaven’ on the Blue Moon Guitar!

Blue Moon Guitar

Posted on: 9th January 2019

This Unique Guitar was Built for Showaddywaddy!

This custom-built electric guitar by Brian Eastwood was made to launch Showaddywaddy’s 1980 single ‘Blue Moon’ – hence the design and name: Blue Moon Guitar!

Designed by artist Jim Cooper the Blue Moon Guitar is in fact a fully functioning electric guitar. The pick-up is hidden and the bridge and tuners are covered by the white cloud.

The Blue Moon Guitar is played here by guitarist Hayden Ashdown!