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Egmond Scout: Budget Bass Guitar from the 1960s

Posted on: 2nd April 2018

1960s Bass Guitar Challenge!

This Egmond Scout dating from the mid 1960s was a solid, budget option for budding bass players in the 1960s.

With a pronounced bow in the neck, this bass is now a challenge to play!

Can David Greenaway coax a tune out of it??

Vox Mk. IV From 1965 Tear Drop Bass Guitar

Posted on: 26th March 2018

Classic Vox Bass Guitar Found in a Recycling Centre!

Built in the UK in 1965, this Vox Mk. IV bass guitar features a tear drop shaped body and distinctive headstock.

Incredibly, this was rescued from a recycling centre by a friend of Guy’s and at the time of recording this video is completely un-restored!

David Greenaway gives this distinctive bass a try! Watch the video and see if it survived the recycling centre!

Baldwin Vs. Grimshaw: Bass Wars Part Two!

Posted on: 19th March 2018

Bass Wars the 1960s!

In this second Bass Wars video, David Greenaway plays a Baldwin Vibraslim ’65 and a Grimshaw Short Scale Deluxe ’66.

Who survives this battle of two classic bass guitars from the 1960s?

Shergold Vs. Hayman: The Bass Wars!

Posted on: 12th March 2018

The Bass Wars Start Here!

David Greenaway plays the Shergold Marathon and the Hayman 4040 in this first Bass Wars video!

The Shergold Marathon and Hayman 4040 are quite similar looking basses but how do they compare? David Greenaway gives his verdict – do you agree??

The Beatles at Stowe in 1963!

Posted on: 6th March 2018

The Guitar Collection’s Guy Mackenzie tells the real story of the day The Beatles came to Stowe School and got their autographs!

Hagstrom H8: 8-String Vintage Bass Guitar!

Posted on: 5th March 2018

Classic 8-String Bass Guitar!

This Hagstrom H8 bass guitar was made in about 1968 and was one of only 2250 produced!

The previous video featuring this Hagstrom H8 is one of the Guitar Collection’s most popular videos, so here’s David Greenaway again in a return session with this classic bass!

Framus Star Bass Guitar

Posted on: 26th February 2018

Late 1950s Bass Guitar – Played and Tested!

This Framus Star bass, also branded Besson Ariston is identical to the first bass used by Jet Harris of The Shadows!

Built in Germany in 1959, this Framus Star bass is quite an early electric bass guitar and has some unusual features: the neck is quite thin but deep and is also angled away from the body. Perhaps features more in keeping with an upright double bass?

Currently unrestored and de-fretted by an earlier owner, David Greenaway takes up the challenge to play this unusual bass guitar!

Fenton Weill Dualmaster Bass Guitar

Posted on: 19th February 2018

A classic 1960s Bass Guitar

This Fenton Weill Dualmaster bass guitar dates from about 1963 and built in the UK by Henry Weill after his split with Jim Burns.

This particular bass was previously owned and restored by Keith West who was famous in the 1960s for ‘Grocer Jack’!

Bought directly from him and in this video play tested by David Greenaway.

Jim Burns Bison: Iconic British Electric Guitar!

Posted on: 12th February 2018

Very Rare Vintage Burns Bison Electric Guitar

This Jim Burns Bison is among the last guitars hand carved by Jim Burns himself! Now, beautifully re-built and restored by the Guitar Guru Paul Day.

This Burns Bison was built in 1981 and features the Burns Scorpion style headstock carved so it matches the ‘horns’ on the body. The pickups are Burns humbuckers, there’s a 5-way selector switch and a Fender-type vibrato tailpiece.

Guitar Hero Phil Walker puts the Bison through its paces!

For an in depth write up about this important British guitar check out the Historic Guitars page.

Guitar Collection Outtake: Pound Shop Glasses!

Posted on: 5th February 2018

Lars Mullen Tests Out Pound Shop Glasses!

In this Guitar Collection Outtake, cameraman Lars Mullen finds that pound shop glasses make his hearing worse!

Or perhaps he just doesn’t want to listen to Guy!