Classic 1977 Burns Mirage

Posted on: 23rd July 2019

1977 Burns Mirage – Only Recently Restored and Played for the First Time!

Guitarist Phil Walker plays my Burns Mirage. This example was probably the last of a just a handful of Mirages built by Burns UK as the company went bankrupt in the late 1970s.

This is neither a prototype nor a production model that has been modified, this is exactly as it left the “factory” (knobs, switches and 1 tailpiece screw were probably all that were available at that time) and it has never been played till now. Confirmed by the guitar tec at Trevada Music!

One of several instruments bought by Terry Dobson, guitarist of Black Lace (remember “Agadoo”?) the Mirage’s unique design is reminiscent of the Burns Flyte also from the 1970s.