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Rockabilly Band Zalick Live With ‘Stray Cat Strut’!

Posted on: 22nd August 2019

Local Cornish Rockabilly band Zalick with a rocking version of ‘Stray Cat Strut’!

This was a hit in the early 80s for the Stray Cats!

Zalick are here filmed at the 2019 50s Mayhem Madness which takes place each year in Cornwall!

Status Quo Tribute Band Status Clone – Anniversary Waltz Live!

Posted on: 21st August 2019

Status Clone with Anniversary Waltz live back in about 2000!

Status Clone were a top Status Quo tribute band and featured the ‘Guitar Guru’ Paul Day and Lars Mullen on guitars!

The Merseybeats Featuring Pete Best

Posted on: 5th August 2019

Rare Concert Footage Featuring Original Beatles Drummer!

Rare concert footage of The Merseybeats featuring original Beatles drummer Pete Best!

Recorded probably in the early 80s, this old concert film features The Merseybeats performing ‘I Stand Accused’.

Hondo Electric Guitar

Posted on: 31st July 2019

This Hondo Was Previously Owned by Mott the Hoople!

Newly restored and ready to rock, this Hondo electric guitar with metal axe stylings looks fantastic and sounds suitably ‘meaty’!!

Played by guitarist and Guitar Hero Phil Walker, this Hondo was previously owned by Mott the Hoople!

Classic 1977 Burns Mirage

Posted on: 23rd July 2019

1977 Burns Mirage – Only Recently Restored and Played for the First Time!

Guitarist Phil Walker plays my Burns Mirage. This example was probably the last of a just a handful of Mirages built by Burns UK as the company went bankrupt in the late 1970s.

This is neither a prototype nor a production model that has been modified, this is exactly as it left the “factory” (knobs, switches and 1 tailpiece screw were probably all that were available at that time) and it has never been played till now. Confirmed by the guitar tec at Trevada Music!

One of several instruments bought by Terry Dobson, guitarist of Black Lace (remember “Agadoo”?) the Mirage’s unique design is reminiscent of the Burns Flyte also from the 1970s.

Interview Outtakes!

Posted on: 14th July 2019

Charlie Gracie and Nancy Ann Lee Outtakes!

Outtakes and bloopers from live interviews with Rock ‘n’ Roll legend Charlie Gracie and singer Nancy Ann Lee!

Charlie Gracie Uncut!

Posted on: 4th July 2019

Backstage Conversation with Charlie Gracie!

For all fans of Rock ‘n’ Roll and well, anybody interested in the history of Pop and Rock music – an unedited backstage conversation with Rock ‘n’ Roll legend and pioneer Charlie Gracie!

Recorded backstage during the 2019 Solid Gold Rock ‘n’ Roll UK Tour with Marty Wilde, Charlie Gracie covers everything from his early career, his first time performing in the UK through to his tips for a long life!!

His first US & UK hits include ‘Butterfly’, ‘Fabulous’, ‘Wonderin’ Eyes’ way back in the late 1950s and amazingly he is still touring!

Cry Me a River Live!

Posted on: 27th June 2019

Cornish Rockabilly Band Zalick

Filmed at the 2019 50s Mayhem Madness, here’s Zalick with their lovely version of ‘Cry Me a River’!

Charlie Gracie: Rock ‘n’ Roll Legend!

Posted on: 21st June 2019

An Interview with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Pioneer Himself!

Charlie Gracie is one of the earliest Rock ‘n’ Roll pioneers with hits in the 1950s such as “Butterfly”, “Fabulous” and “Wanderin’ Eyes”!

He was also only the second American Rock ‘n’ Roller to come from the States to the UK – inspiring future stars, including the Beatles!

The Guitar Collection was very lucky to be able to interview Charlie Gracie backstage during the Solid Gold Rock ‘N’ Roll Show 2019 UK tour with Marty Wilde.

Nancy Ann Lee: Little Miss Sixties & Country Music Star

Posted on: 17th June 2019

Interview With the Award Winning British Country Music Singer!

As Little Miss Sixties, Nancy Ann Lee performs Rock and Pop hits from the 1960s. She is also an award winning British Country Music singer!

Filmed back stage in Torquay during Marty Wilde’s 2019 Solid Gold Rock ‘n’ Roll Tour with Guy Mackenzie of The Guitar Collection.