grimshaw guitars….

Posted on: 31st August 2007

I have always wanted to know why Pete Townshend’s Grimshaw had a Rickenbacker truss rod cover on its headstock. Now I have the answer thanks to Frank Allen, bass player with the Searchers for 43 years, who contacted Pete direct and then forwarded his reply to me – which is as follows:-

“I bought the guitar at Ivor Maraints, I’d always wanted one (was it because Joe Brown played one?). At the time I was used to Rick pickups so when I ran out of Rickenbackers one day I rigged the Grimshaw with the pickups and added the headstock blazer as deception. However, when people asked me what model of Rick it was, I told them it was a Grimshaw. It played beautifully.”

My thanks, once again, to two great legends of Rock n Roll – Frank Allen and Pete Townshend for setting this particular record straight.