Burns-Weill related questions

Posted on: 29th March 2016

Hi Guy,

Martin Kelly here.

I hope this finds you well?

I have a couple of Burns-Weill related questions for you and hope you don’t mind me asking.

I have ’59 Super Streamline bass but don’t have the correct lead to plug the thing in!! As I’m sure you know these came with a tiny – and unusual – socket on the side of the body.

Like a mini male phono on the guitar that needs a female jack to link it to the amp. I’d rather never hear the bass than change the original socket.

With that in mind, might you have a spare of the correct lead or know which type of jack socket was used?

If you have pictures of the lead/socket that would be appreciated.

Also, do your two basses have serial numbers? Mine does and I only just found it hiding under the Burns – Weill headstock logo.

Any help much appreciated.