Dallas Tuxedo Bass

Posted on: 18th June 2008

Guy, Thanks so much for the photo.
Here’s the story again for anyone else who’s interested.
I’ve got a Dallas Tuxedo Bass which I was given in 1975 as my first bass.It’s not really up to gigging now but I am in the process of restoring it to it’s former glory.
Generally speaking I wouldn’t restore a guitar of this age as I feel that 50 years of playing wear can only add to it’s charm, however on this occasion I think i’m justified as prior to starting the restoration you would struggle to recognise the bass as a Dallas Tuxedo. Heres how…….
In a moment of madness when still very young and uninformed I removed the edge binding, gave it a second cut-away and fitted another pick-up near the bridge.
The original natural mahogany finish was stripped and it was painted white and the edge binding rebate painted black.
The body is now back to it’s original shape and the second pick-up hole is filled. My intention is to veneer the top with a thin layer of mahogany veneer and re-fit an off-white edge binding as per the original spec followed by an aged natural finish.
Now thanks to Guy’s photo I can get an accurate Water slide “Tuxedo” transfer made to finish the job. I’d appreciate anyone’s thoughts on this and any photos of original Dallas Tuxedo Basses as the only one’s i’ve ever seen are Mo Foster’s and Bill Wymans highly modified and now fretless “Tux” as photographed in issue 24 of Bass Guitar Mag and my letter in issue 25.
Best regards

Nick Kennett