Found Rellog Guitar in your guitar collection

Posted on: 5th March 2015


I remember a few months ago, there was a “Rellog Guitar” on ebay UK. I missed my chance to make an offer – now I found a new picture of the same guitar – so you bought it.

I am a luthier/guitarbuilder/guitar maker and a “guitar collector” of german guitars. This musima is an “only export” model, no chance to get one in Germany. Because of the missing “Musima Label” is it nearly impossible to find one on “ebay UK” – because nobody knows how to tag those guitars right.

I have not really much money I can offer you, but I have some guitars you might be interested in to change?

Please think about it and let me know:- Are you searching for special guitars – labels?

If you don’t want to change it – ok.

Thanks for reading this terrible German English

Greetings from Germany Jan Steinbrecher (