Framus Grand Star

Posted on: 21st June 2007

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My First guitar was a Framus Grand star electric archtop, at the age of 15 ! but the beat bug bit me , so i wanted a solid , so i was bought a white dallas tuxedo , that was the guitar i used in the early published pictures when i ist played with Rod Stewart, in his very first rock band! after that i bought a brand new Burns vibra artist, and the band was renamed to the Moontrekkers, previously being Rod Stewart & the Raiders, i recorded ” Night of the Vampire, in 1961″ with the Burns, nearly changing it for a Burns bison 4 pick up job , but changed my mind at the last minute!, after that i had a Guild Starfire, in black , the only one that i have seen , i wonder where it is now? ? Next i had a guild manhattan , followed by a Gibson 335 in Cherry red ! sold that too , madness ! used the Guild starfire in the Five Dimensions that i formed with bassist Louis Cennamo, that also included Rod …! In recent years , ive collected guitars , got about 25, five Hofner Committees, some old Gibsons,etc Just bought an old clavioline to use with the Moontrekkers in our last gig ! should be fun ! Shades of Joe Meek ! Got two Burns vibra artists ,and a burns Sonic ! The possibly last Moontrekkers gig will be on the 4th July 2007, at Maldon , Essex, at the Bewick club, at the Swan hotel High street , Maldon , starts about 7.30.